Kelowna Flood Victim?

Space Centre Storage is here to help! We’re offering 1 month free storage if you’ve been affected by the recent flooding.
Free move-in truck too! Please call for details: 1-778-760-1713

P.S. All of our storage lockers are high and dry, and Adams Rd. access is open.

Storage Tips


General Public Storage Tips: Are Your Things Safe?

When putting your items into storage, it’s important that you feel confident in the safety of your belongings. When searching for a commercial or public storage unit to rent, there are a few things you can look for beforehand that will not only put your mind at ease but ensure the items you look up will still be there the next time you return.

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Moving? 5 Tips for Packing and Using Storage Containers

Switching homes can be a fun and exciting process. Between looking for a new place to live and exploring the new area, many people enjoy moving. However, packing and loading up storage containers can be a big job. To help streamline the process, we’ve compiled a couple tips so you can spend less time packing and storing and more time exploring.

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5 Things to Look for in Your Self Storage Provider

In the midst of spring cleaning, you may have stumbled across unused furniture, unneeded baby items, or boxes of items you no longer have room to store. Undoubtedly, this may have you looking into self storage options.

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Storage Unit Tips: Putting Your Stuff in Portable Storage

Whether you’re moving to a new home or city, redecorating, or downsizing, your possessions may end up needing a temporary home. This is when utilizing a storage unit or mobile storage container can be the easiest step to take during your situation.

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The MIBOX® Solution: The Benefits Professionals Rely on

Your job requires you to be flexible, adaptable, and always ready for a challenge. Unlike a desk job, you’re jobsite can change from day-to-day. On top of that, your job probably requires a lot of tools and inventory.

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Simplify Renovation Projects with the Mighty MI-BOX®

Renovation plans can take a little bit of time to develop. To make sure your renovation project stays fun and exciting, try incorporating a MI-BOX® storage container into your big plans.

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Storage & Spring Cleaning: The Perfect Pair for the Job

After a season of closed windows, wet, dirty footwear, and a furnace constantly blasting warm air throughout the house, it’s easy to see why homeowners pick up the spring-cleaning itch once the warmer weather arrives.

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Commercial Storage Unit Tips: 5 Must-Haves to Look For

Whether you need to store office supplies and furniture, machinery, raw materials, or stacks of paper files, a commercial storage unit is the perfect solution. However, no two storage facilities are exactly the same. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a helpful list of must-haves the commercial storage facility you pick should offer.

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Moving? Get Prepared with Portable Storage Containers

Now that the For Sale sign in your front yard has been embellished with a big SOLD sticker, it’s time to get yourself organized for the big move. From renting portable storage containers to finally clearing out the garage, it feels like there are a million things to do.

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