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Spring Cleaning & Self Storage: The Perfect Pair

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Spring cleaning and self storage

Spring cleaning is so much easier with the help of a self-storage unit.

There’s nothing better than throwing open those closed up windows and letting in the sweet smell of spring air. Well, maybe there’s one thing better: a tidy, uncluttered home. If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, but you’re not sure where to start, consider renting storage units to help get the job done.

If you’re ready to pack up your cold-weather possessions and make room for all things summer, read on.


Store Seasonal Items

Put away your skis, winter clothes, and heavy linens until next year. It’s almost summertime! Now that the snow has melted, you most likely won’t need these items until next winter. Instead of cramming them into already-full closets and corners, head to one of your local storage facilities and rent a locker.


Use Indoor Storage for Keepsakes

If you’ve got boxes of baby items that are no longer in use, tuck them away in your storage unit. Whether they’re keepsakes or just not needed until the next baby arrives, putting them in storage for now will help unclutter your home and make spring-cleaning much easier.

For more baby keepsake storage tips, check out our previous blog: Self Storage and Baby: How to Keep all those Keepsakes.


Consider Storing Extra Furniture

If that old wing-back chair that’s been passed down from your great grandma is taking up space and not being sat in regularly, tuck it safely away in a safe and secure storage unit. This way, you can save space now and pull it out again the next time you find more space for it.


Add a Reminder to the Calendar

Don’t rely on the first snowfall to tip you off that it’s time to swap out summer gear for winter items. Set up a reminder on your calendar to remind you. This way you’ll be ahead of the game and can plan accordingly.


Start a Spring-Cleaning List

Now that you’ve removed extra items from your home, it’s time to get scrubbing. The best way to make sure everything gets cleaned is to create a to-do list. Some of the items to put on this list can include:

Cupboards and drawers – Now is the perfect time to wipe out cupboards and vacuum the crumbs out of the drawers.


If you’re looking for storage units to help make this years’ spring-cleaning a breeze, come and see the storage solution superstars at Space Centre Storage. We offer a wide variety of storage lockers, including commercial storage, portable storage containers, and RV and boat storage. 


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