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5 Ways Portable Storage Can Help You Move Under Less Stress

Posted on Jan 31, 2018

Portable Storage

A MI-BOX® container can lessen the stress of moving by providing a portable storage solution. 

As anyone who has ever moved house knows, packing boxes and hauling furniture in a short time period is not a fun way to start what should be an exciting time in one’s life.

But there is a way to ease the pain, and that is to rent a MI-BOX® portable storage container before your moving date arrives.

Portable storage is a great way to move at your own pace, and it will save you and your family from being pressured to pack under duress.


1. Big wheels don’t keep on turning

Think of MI-BOX® as having the convenience of a 7-by-8-by-16 ft. semi-trailer, minus the wheels, as your very own storage locker parked in your driveway for as long as you need it.

Like a semi-trailer, portable storage units include:  


2. It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Having moving storage containers delivered to your door actually keep your costs down. An affordable storage option, you can avoid having to deal with complicated hourly estimates or additional charges by renting your box on a monthly basis. And there is no need to rent a truck to move your items into storage, as the unit is delivered and picked up at your door, which saves you from having to make several back-and-forth trips to a storage facility.


3. Not a hair out of place

Time is always a factor when you pack for a move, so having the convenience of packing at your own pace and then having a place just outside your door to safely secure and store your boxes for moving is not only convenient, it’ll stop you from pulling your hair out at the last minute.

Do yourself a favour and first pack the items such as off-season clothing, equipment and appliances that you won’t need. That way you can load those items into your unit and not worry about access.


4. A heavy load off your shoulders

You’ll be amazed and what you can fit inside a MI-BOX® portable storage unit.

If packed and loaded properly, a 16 ft.–long moving and storage container should be able to fit the contents of a medium apartment or 3-to-4 rooms of furniture.

When loading, make sure to leave an aisle in between your moving boxes so you can easily access the ones at the back of your unit.


5. The best pickup line in Kelowna

The best part of renting a mobile storage container is that you do not have to move it yourself. When you’re ready to go, just call up your Kelowna storage container rental company, Space Centre Storage, and they will send a professional driver to pick up your unit and deliver it to your new location. Not ready to move into your new home just yet, but need access to your driveway? No problem. Space Centre Storage can pick up your container and place it into its climate controlled indoor storage facilities in Kelowna until you need it.


For more information on how Space Centre Storage can help you with your move, visit Moving Made Easy: MI-BOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.


Lessen the stress of your move, call Space Centre Storage to ask about our MI-BOX® portable storage container rental solutions. We offer delivery and pickup around the Kelowna, Lake Country, West Kelowna and surrounding areas.


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