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How Storage Containers Can Allow You to Work from Home

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

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A MI-BOX® is the perfect companion for people that like to work from home.


The days of heading to the office from 9 until 5 every weekday are slowly coming to an end. With all of the advancements made in technology throughout the years, more and more employees and entrepreneurs are finding themselves working from home. While this may seem like a dream come true for some, others are struggling to find the best storage solution for their inventory, paper files, and equipment.

Here are just a few of the ways work-from-homers are benefitting from portable storage solutions:


Inventory & Storage Containers for Crafters and Artists

From e-commerce businesses on sites like Etsy and Shopify to craft shows, many artists and crafters are discovering that their skills and talents are capable of helping them pay the bills. However, before setting up an online shop or booking a table at a local craft show, a maker needs to build up quite a bit of stock. This is where a portable container can come in handy, especially when space in the home is limited.

Crafters can simply park the container right outside their home. When a sale online is made, the artist can grab the sold item out of the container right on the way to the post office to mail it out. Alternatively, if it’s a craft show coming up that requires ample stock, crafters can have the storage company pick up the loaded-up container and have it dropped off right outside the venue. It makes setting up a display so much easier.


The Mobile Vendors

Food trucks and pop-up shops are all the rage these days, but they both rely on storage solutions for their products. Most food truck owners operate, for the most part, out of their home. Although they serve crowds at various locations, home base is typically the home. This creates a need for food storage. A Mi Box is the perfect solution. It’s completely waterproof and rodent proof.

When a retailer sets up a pop-up shop, these temporary shops often require inventory storage. From Halloween costumes to the latest make-up and clothing trends, these items will need to be stowed away until it’s time to pop-up again.


The DIY-er Gone Pro 

Chic, up-cycled furniture is in high demand in many communities. These re-fashioned pieces add a touch of glam to any space, and the hobbyists that are selling them are cashing in big time. However, fixing up old furniture requires a lot of space. Not only do they require the space to actually do the work, but they also need space to store the pieces – both finished and unfinished – and all the supplies required to do the job. This is another great example of how a storage container rental can make a big difference.


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