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Keep The Holidays Magical with the Help of Storage Units

Posted on Nov 26, 2018

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These tips for taking advantage of storage units will help make this Christmas season magical.


The snow, the twinkling lights, and the warm indoors surrounded by loved ones spark up memories of Christmas’ past. But as we get older, the holidays can sometimes lose that lustre we once loved so much. Bring back the magic this Christmas by taking advantage of your storage units and make this Christmas one you’ll never forget.

Here are just a couple of ways your unit at a public storage facility can brighten up this years’ holiday season:


1. Hiding Gifts in Storage Units

As kids get older, they start to get a little more curious and a lot more resourceful. Simply tucking away presents bought in advance in your bedroom closet suddenly won’t work anymore. They’re on to you and know all of your best hiding spots. And let’s be honest, your spouse is likely to find their hidden gifts as well.

To keep the suspense alive, take your purchases to your storage locker and keep them there until it’s time to wrap them up and place them under the tree. After all, the surprise of opening unexpected gifts on Christmas morning is a big part of why the season is so magical.


2. The Decorations

If you’ve accumulated many, many holiday decorations over the years, you may want to keep them all in storage and switch it up every year or two. Kids love decorating and will enjoy being able to pick and choose what gets put up each year.


3. Displaced Furniture 

When setting up your Christmas tree and decorations, you may find that some furniture becomes displaced. That’s normal for most families. If you’re already tight on space, finding a home for the additional items can be a bit stressful, taking away from the magical holiday feel. Instead of rearranging your home to accommodate the extra pieces, simply drive them down to your storage unit. They’ll be out of sight, out of mind until you take the decorations down.


4. Reduce Clutter 

Another reason why storage units are so valuable during the holidays is their ability to hold onto anything you may need, and that includes clutter. Clutter can sometimes take over, minimizing the effectiveness of the decorations you so lovingly hung. To ensure your decorations look as good as can be, take all of the clutter from your home and drop it off at your storage locker. You’ll be so glad you did, especially when you’re trying to make room for all the new Christmas gifts.


For more clutter-reducing tips, check out our previous post: Reduce Clutter for the Holidays with Local Storage Lockers.


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