Commercial and Public Storage Solutions: Trust in the Experts

Posted on February 06, 2017

Trust the experts in commercial and public storage

The local storage experts can offer a wide variety of commercial and public storage for almost anything you have that needs storing.

Storage facilities aren't just for commercial use anymore. Many facilities are offering up public storage options for home furnishings, boats, RVs, antique cars, and more. In fact, renting a storage unit has a whole bunch of benefits that you may have never considered. We've decided to highlight a few just to help you out. When you trust in the local storage experts, you can rest assured that your possessions will be in great hands. 


1. Easy access whenever you want it

Because everyone runs on different schedules, many storage facilities will offer 24-hour access to your belongings. Before renting a unit, do a little recon and look for a place that offers: 

  • Drive up or drive through access
  • Adequate lighting
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Coded entry and exit
  • 24 hour mobile security
  • Resident manager


2. Lock it up and keep the key

Once you've unloaded your goods into your open-to-the-public storage unit, you get to lock it up tight and take the key home with you. Even though the location of your storage unit is in a location that can be accessed by the public, you can rest assured that the local experts are taking every step in keeping your unit safe. Plus, you can find comfort in knowing that you have the key to your stowed-away possession.  


3. Pick the size of storage lockers you need

Many rental facilities will offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes. Whether you've got a lot of stuff or a little, you only pay for what you use. By doing a little research, having a discussion with storage experts, and weighing your options and preferences carefully, the rental facility can provide you with the perfect sized space for your storage needs. 

To help you get a better understanding on storage unit sizes, check out our previous post: Size Matters: What Size Public Storage Unit Do I Need? 


4. Take advantage of flexible storage terms and affordable rates

Whether you need commercial storage or just general public storage, a storage centre can help. They can offer short-term or long-term options at affordable prices. If you're storage circumstances change and you require more or less space, your needs will be quickly accommodated by a team of storage professionals. 


5. Solutions for every situation

Life can sometimes throw a curveball in your direction, or you may find you current situation gradually changing. No matter what life gives you, a storage solution can help make the transition a smooth one. Some of the reasons many homeowners look for storage solutions include: 

  • Decluttering
  • Downsizing
  • Moving
  • Garage clean up
  • Storing seasonal items
  • Renovating


If you're looking for the kind of storage Kelowna homeowners prefer to use for all their public storage needs, come and chat with the local experts at Space Centre Storage. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and secure and convenient units available in a variety of sizes.

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