Commercial Public Storage Tips: Seasonal Storage Benefits

Posted on July 19, 2017

Commercial Public Storage 

Commercial storage can be a big help for business owners with seasonal storage needs.

As a business owner, you may find yourself faced with seasonal office storage needs for a variety of reasons. Maybe you've got decorations for various holidays stowed away in different places throughout the office. Or maybe your busiest season is during the summer months and the extra inventory is taking up too much space. Whatever the reason may be, renting a storage unit could be the space-saving solution you've been searching for.


A Storage Shortage

In many offices across the Okanagan, extra storage is often hard to come by. As a business grows and acquires new assets, inventory, and staff, the storage shortage continues to grow. To help manage overhead costs, many business owners are outsourcing their storage needs to Kelowna commercial storage facilities.

Here are just a few of the more common reasons why businesses are looking for external storage options:

  • A surplus of inventory
  • Office furniture upgrades
  • File and document storage needs
  • Seasonal storage for inventory, equipment, and supplies


The Commercial Self-Storage Benefits

For business owners, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped by renting a storage unit from a local storage facility. They're especially beneficial if your business deals with seasonal demands that result in volume fluctuations. There are numerous benefits, but the three main benefits that business owners can enjoy include:


1. Cost Effectiveness

Utilizing a storage unit can actually help save the company money. It can also help manage costs and ensure enough products have been ordered for your busy season. Oftentimes, goods can be discounted if items are ordered in bulk quantities.

Some facilities even offer promotions and deals to encourage small businesses to rent from them. Keep an eye out for these kinds of perks when selecting storage facilities in Kelowna.


2. Flexibility

Rental units are incredibly flexible. You can choose how long to rent a unit for, what size of unit you require, and so much more. There are also different types of storage units available, from climate-controlled units for dry good storage to outdoor storage for larger items.


3. Focus on your Business

During your busy season, it's important to concentrate on your business. By picking up a storage unit to handle any surplus inventory, you can spend more time focusing on the big things and less time trying to find suitable storage onsite for all your items.


Did you know a storage unit could actually boost your business productivity? Read our previous post to find out more: Boost Your Business Productivity with Commercial Storage.


If off-site storage sounds like a good solution for you and your business, stop in and chat with the storage experts at Space Centre Storage. We can take you on a tour of our facility and set you up with an affordable unit that's tailored to your needs and requirements.


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