Remember What's Stored: How to Manage Inventory for Public Storage

Posted on May 28, 2020

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Manage inventory for public storage by downloading an app.

Inventory isn’t just for businesses. Anyone who is planning to pack and store items away will need to keep track of their belongings, especially when using public storage services.

Before you start packing boxes, use these simple steps to list, label, track, and store your inventory.


Download an Inventory App

You don’t have to invest in fancy software to manage your inventory. Today’s technology offers free and inexpensive apps for just about everything — storage inventory management and tracking tools included! Here are four apps that can help you keep track of your belongings for warehousing and storage purposes: 


1. Sortly (iOS, Android)

Allows you to make a visual inventory of all your stored belonging and organizes them into categories. 

2. Encircle (iOS, Android)

Organize before you pack with this tool that allows homeowners to manage their inventory efficiently. 

3. Memento Database (iOS, Android, Desktop)

Replaces all paperwork by listing your tasks, collections, personal finances, medical records, and home inventory all on one app. 

4. Magic Home Inventory (Android)

Features an easy-to-read chart that sorts your possessions into categories and offers an advanced search for stored items. 


Categorize, Then Pack

Once your inventory is listed, it helps to place all items by category in your packing boxes or containers. Categorize your belongings by: 

  • Season
  • Type
  • Activity
  • Size
  • Frequently Used
  • Name


Label all Content

Keep track of your storage items by placing a list of all content inside the box, bin, or container. Label the top of your container by category, such as kitchen wares, Christmas decorations, summer clothing, etc.


Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

Get the best value for your money and see how your items will fit by using Space Centre Storage’s Storage Unit Size Estimator.


Place Your Most Used Items Up Front

Make sure to place your most frequently used items in an accessible spot. Place them near the door, atop other belongings, or on a temporary shelf in your storage locker.


Update Your Inventory List

Don’t forget to update your inventory list once you’ve removed or added a belonging in your storage space.


For more storage tips, read the Deep Spring Clean: Your 2020 Guide from Space Centre Storage in Kelowna.


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