Size Matters: What Size Public Storage Unit Do I Need?

Posted on November 30, 2016

Public Storage

If you're on the hunt for a public storage unit, use our guide to figure out what size unit you should be looking for.

Now that you've determined you need a storage unit, it's time to decide what size you need it to be. Fortunately, public storage units come in a variety of sizes from small spaces to extra large units, and it can be hard to determine exactly what size you need beforehand. To maximize space and reduce rental rates, we've compiled a handy little guide to help you determine what size unit will work best for your storage needs.


Step 1: Create an Inventory List

Before rushing out to look at Kelowna storage units, take a quick inventory of all the items you want to store. Are you storing a few boxes of clothes, or are you storing all of the contents of your four-bedroom home? For this step, you'll need a measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper.

Make a list of all of the large items that will be going into storage. Besides each item, include a rough estimate of size. If you've got a measuring tape available, go ahead and use more accurate numbers. Then count your boxes and totes. If they're not packed yet, an estimated number will work. Add up your totals to get a rough idea of home many square feet of storage you'll require.


Step 2: Picture the Perfect Public Storage Unit

Another popular method is to use your imagination. Picture all your stuff packed away in a storage unit. Is everything crammed into a tight space, or is it slightly larger with pathways between towers of boxes? Accessibility is important if you plan on returning to your storage unit frequently. If you're goal is to store your items away without returning until moving day, a tightly crammed space is a better option for you. Weigh your options and preferences carefully before choosing a unit.


Step 3: Let a Moving Truck be Your Guide

If you're using a moving truck, the dimensions of the truck can help you determine how much storage space you'll require. Typically, the size of the truck is roughly one size larger than the unit size you'll need. For example, if you have a 20-foot moving truck packed full, you'll likely require a 10'x15' unit. If you've got a 15-foot truck loaded up, look for a 10'x10' unit, and so on.


Step 4: Refer to the Breakdown Guide

To help you determine which public storage unit is better suited to your needs, we've broken down the most common unit sizes.


5'x10" Unit: 50 square feet, and roughly the same size as a standard walk-in closet. These units will typically hold furniture from a one-bedroom or studio apartment.

10'x10" Unit: 100 square feet, and nearly the same size as a small bedroom. A unit this size will be able to handle two bedroom sets or the contents of an entire family room.

10'x15" Unit: 150 square feet, and slightly smaller than the size of a one-car garage. These units are great for three bedroom sets, or all of the contents from a family room, dining room, and kitchen.

10'x20" Unit: 200 square feet, and roughly the same size as a one-car garage. A unit this size can hold all the contents of a smaller three- or four-bedroom home, on average.

10'x30" Unit: 300 square feet, and larger than a one-car garage. These units are ideal for a fully furnished four- or five-bedroom home.


To help you pack your items, check out our previous post: Storage Unit Checklist: Securely Store Your Belongings.


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