Storage Solutions: Should You Declutter This Winter?

Posted on December 02, 2020

Kelowna Self Storage
Decluttering your home and placing your items in storage is a way to simplify your life when times are challenging.

Call it the great purge of the pandemic. With many Canadians working and spending more time at home this winter, many have seen it as an opportunity to declutter their overloaded closets, attics, garages, and basements.

However, with some places not accepting donations at the moment, it can be hard to know what to do with all your belongings. See how you can benefit from decluttering your home this winter and how storage can help. 


Why Should You Declutter?

While Covid-19 has placed insurmountable stress on workers and families, one way to counterbalance it is by cleaning your closets, quite literally. When we downsize, organize, clean and declutter, we achieve certain mental health benefits. Decluttering our belongings helps us:

  • Focus on a simple task
  • Control a situation
  • Gain perspective
  • Feel self-confident
  • Achieve a goal


How Do You Start Decluttering?

When decluttering a room or closet, it helps to clear items that you no longer need or want and then place them into two piles – one for donating and the other for selling.  Place each item in separately labelled moving boxes or clear storage containers, and make sure to remove them from your home so you can appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.


What to Do if You Can’t Donate or Easily Sell Your Items

While some stores and charitable donation centres are back open, others remain closed, making it more difficult to donate or sell your items. If this is the case, see if you can place your moving boxes into a storage facility until things return to normal.

Consider these two options:

  • Self-storage facilities: Renting a storage locker is an affordable way to keep your belongings safe until you can sell or donate them.
  • Storage container rental: If you have several large or heavy objects to sell or donate, why bring the storage to your door? A portable container such as a MI-BOX® is a great way to remove items from your home and then have them picked up and delivered when you are ready and able to offload them.


For more information, read Why a Portable Storage Container is Great in Winter

If you’re looking to declutter and need a place to store your items in the interim, contact Space Centre Storage. We offer affordable self-storage units as well as MI-BOX® storage containers for Kelowna-Central Okanagan and Vernon residents.

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