Space Centre Storage, together with Great Little Moving Company,
has the solution to save you:



Can you imagine:

  1. Moving your contents from home to truck
  2. Then truck to storage unit across town
  3. Then out of storage unit to truck
  4. Then finally, from truck to your new home 


Now imagine:

  • You’re relaxing and leisurely enjoying your move as Space Centre Storage delivers a MI-BOX® container, with its patented Level Delivery System, lowering it gently onto your driveway without making any scrapes or scuffs.
  • Then, Great Little Moving Company’s movers arrive, taking care of your move-out with pep and professionalism. They whisk your boxes from home to container efficiently, and before you know it, your MI-BOX® is ready to go.
  • With just a quick call, Space Centre Storage picks up your loaded MI-BOX® and stores it in their secure, climate-controlled, spacious warehouse.
  • The mobile storage container is picked up once again with the patented Level Delivery System, so nothing shifts around, and the risk of damage to your belongings is greatly reduced. Whether it’s summer or winter, Space Centre Storage is open year-round and climate-controlled so you won’t have to worry if the temperature happens to dip.

Now, it’s up to you—do you take a month-long vacation before you move into your new place? Maybe spend a day or two at a local Okanagan resort for a quick break before you deal with cleaning up the new house? Or maybe your schedule means you need to be in and out as soon as possible. Whether you decide to take a break or to move in ASAP, when you are ready, your MI-BOX ® will be delivered to your new home and Great Little Moving Company professional movers move your belongings in. You can even have your MI-BOX® dropped off for you to unload at a more leisurely pace; especially great for DIY renovations!

It's just that easy!

Wondering what makes MI-BOX® mobile storage superior? Unlike a standard shipping container, MI-BOX® are designed for moving your belongings, not overseas shipments. They fit right into a standard parking spot, have full-size rolling doors, and allow for airflow so you don’t have to worry about opening boxes and discovering mould! Want more information? Check our MI-BOX® page or contact us.

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Gillian Berger

“We needed a place to store our things as we begin the process of moving into our first house. I've gone into other storage facilities and Storage Centre is by far the best. I really liked the fact that their employees took the time to take us around the facility and show us the different storage rooms to figure out the size we needed. They were incredibly personable and made the entire process easy and painless.”