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Students: 4 Storage Locker Hacks to Try This Summer

Posted on Mar 08, 2018

Student Storage Locker Hacks

Instead of packing up and lugging everything back home for summer, consider renting a storage unit instead. 

With final exam season closing in, it’s time to start thinking about heading home for the summer. Between studying, looking for a summer job and packing up your dorm room, there’s a lot on your plate right now. However, renting a storage locker can help simplify things.

Instead of dragging all your furniture and schoolbooks home with you, choose a storage facility close to your school and leave everything there until classes start again in September. To get your packing party started, we’ve compiled some of our favourite student storage locker hacks for you to try.  


1. Be Mindful of Books

Pack your books on their sides in several boxes. Besides saving your back with lighter loads, keeping books on their side will ensure they don’t get damaged over the summer break. It’s also a really good idea to write the titles of the books being stowed away on the outside of the box. That way, you can quickly find the book you need when you need it.


2. Don’t Just Flip the Mattress

Store your mattress on its side and lean it against the wall in your storage unit. It’s also important that you don’t stack anything on top of it. If you can, use a mattress bag too. This will help keep your bed clean and protected from dust and dander.

If you don’t have a mattress bag, a couple of fitted sheets will work. Or you can tape a bunch of garbage bags together.


 3. Keep the Desk Together

If your desk is small enough, don’t dismantle it. Instead, remove the drawers and shrink wrap them closed so all the items inside stay put. Then move each piece separately.

If your desk is too big to fit outside your door and you need to take it apart, place all the small parts and hardware in a bag and tape it directly to the largest piece. When it’s time to put it back together, everything will be where it should be.


4. Use Your Dresser as a Storage Unit

If you’ve got a dresser full of warm winter clothes that won’t be needed until the following school year, remove all of the dresser drawers and shrink wrap them while leaving everything inside. Your drawers can act as boxes until you get to the storage locker where you can just reassemble the dresser again.


For more clever hacks, check out our previous post: 8 Tips for Using & Maximizing Your Storage Rental Space.


If you’re looking for storage facilities to house your belongings until the next school year begins, consider Space Centre Storage. We’re currently offering all students a 5th month free if four consecutive months are booked. We’ll also supply a moving truck and driver at no extra cost. Call us today!


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