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Space Age: Why Working Project-to-Project is Easier with a MI-BOX®

Posted on May 10, 2018

MI-BOX for business

Businesses can benefit from new technology such as the level-lift system used to pick up, transport and deliver MI-BOX® storage containers.

It may sound supernatural, but there is a way for those who have a business on the road to have an office and space that actually follows them around.

Sort of similar to the Tardis, that blue phone box that the many incarnations of Dr. Who has used to travel through time, a MI-BOX® can be used as a storage unit on any job site, as it can easily be transported to wherever you need it. And the best thing is, you don’t need to empty it first.


Close Encounters of the Convenient Kind

As many landscapers, contractors, realtors, painters, renovators, movers or others in the building trade know, a truck is no place to conduct business when you’re moving around from job to job.

Not only do you need a convenient and weather resistant place to do paperwork and planning on or near your project site, you also need a non-humid and secure storage space to keep the tools of your trade.

A MI-BOX® is not only strong, but also has a professional, polished look as it’s made from lightweight stainless steel with a dust and rust-proof Duraplate finish.


2018: A Space Odyssey

Much bigger than any truck flatbed or cab, a storage container that is delivered to a job site can be used in a number of ways such as an office or workshop and can be used to store items such as:


Beam it up, Scotty

When you order a MI-BOX® unit from a storage container rental business, such as Space Centre Storage in Kelowna, it is not only transported to your worksite, it can be picked up and moved fully contained, without the contents inside being disrupted.

That’s because the boxes are not tilted when they are transported. Unlike a tilt-bed, the level-lift delivery system allows the unit to be placed where you need it and can fit into a regular-sized vehicle parking space and even underneath carports or other structures that have lower overhead clearance.

Even a fully-loaded portable storage container that weighs up to 10,000 pounds can be easily lifted or lowered smoothly at any job site, lessening any chance of damage to a driveway or to the contents inside.


Total Recall

There may come a time when you have some space between jobs, or you are taking a break from work. Instead of emptying your container of all those tools and equipment, why not have the whole unit picked up? Space Centre Storage can retrieve your box and store in its secure, indoor heated storage facility for as long as you need. And when it’s time to start that new project, all you have to do is call them up, and have your unit delivered to the site.

Find out how businesses can benefit from the kind of storage containers Kelowna’s Space Centre Storage delivers by watching our video.


Space Centre Storage is the answer to all your storage needs. We rent out, transport, deliver as well as pick up and store MI-BOX® containers to both commercial and residential clients throughout Kelowna and the Central Okanagan.


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