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How to Hold Events on the Road with Mobile Storage

Posted on Jun 07, 2018

MIBOX for events

Holding a community event is easy when you have a way to move large items, such as a popcorn machine, using mobile storage.

It all comes down to the details when putting on or participating in a big event in the Okanagan. Whether it’s a series of open houses, community barbecues, block parties, staff celebrations, fundraisers, trade shows, fairs, etc., timing and organization are key.

However, it also helps to have a place to store all the items you’ll need at a convenient on-site location. And then when you’re done, a way to move said items on to the next location.

You can keep your party going with a mobile storage unit, a secure and convenient way to host an event with all the bells and whistles tucked away in one savvy box.


Easy as 1-2-3

The best thing about having a moving box such as MI-BOX® delivered to your location is how much time you will save. Packing and unpacking is easy.

All you have to do is:

  1. Call a storage box rental business such as Space Centre Storage to deliver your unit right in front of your place of business.
  2. Load your box with all the items you will need for your event, and then have it delivered straight to the event address.
  3. When the event is over, place all your items back in the storage unit and park it ready for the next event.


To Have and to Hold

When it comes to hosting a number of on-location events, where certain materials are required, you need the convenience and space that mobile storage containers provide.

Some of the things you can store in your unit and move to every local event include:


The Best Box is a MI-BOX®

When holding an event using moving storage containers, you can’t beat a MI-BOX®, and we mean that quite literally.

Made of a tough and weather resistant Duraplate® finish that provides protection from the elements, you provide the locking mechanism, ensuring extra security.

In addition, the level-lift system used to move your box ensures that nothing will shift inside the container while it is in transport.


Complete Control

Unlike hiring movers to shift your items from one event to another, you have complete control with a mobile storage unit. Not only do you pack and move at your own schedule, you can even control where and how long you want to store your unit.

Keep it in your parking lot or garage for as long as you want or contact Space Centre Storage’s storage box rental Kelowna office to have our professional drivers pick it up to be stored in our climate controlled indoor storage facilities until you need it.


Looking for convenient commercial storage? Read our blog: Moving on Up: 4 Ways a Kelowna MI-BOX® Can Help Move Your Office.


Space Centre Storage offers affordable monthly rental rates on all of our MI-BOX®

mobile storage containers in Kelowna, Lake Country and West Kelowna. Call us today to see how we can help you plan for your next event with convenient and secure storage solutions.


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