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The Two Other D's: Good Reasons Why People Need Self Storage

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Self Storage Unit Solution

Self storage units can be the perfect solution when dealing with a space issue or needing to downsize.

Industry insiders in the storage industry have often spoken about the “4 D’s of Life” in describing why consumers need self storage. They include: death, divorce, dislocation and disaster. However, there are two other D’s of why people may require storage, and they tend to be a little more positive.

Here, we look at why downsizing and density also contribute to the need for storage facilities in Kelowna and the Okanagan. 


Move with the Times

Moving and storage tend to go hand in hand, and that is especially true if you are downsizing. As many Okanagan residents reach retirement age or become empty nesters, or need a start-up home after marrying or having a baby, the notion of having a large house and property may not appeal.

Most condominiums and smaller single dwellings are limited in their storage space and don’t offer enough security for family heirlooms and those items you may wish to hold onto and pass down, or be able to access easily. That’s where a safe and secure storage facility is your best option when you are downsizing.

An average size self-storage unit can fit items such as:


Storage in the City

As one of the fastest growing regions in British Columbia, the Central Okanagan has been experiencing some growing pains – mostly due to the lack of living spaces. It’s one of the reasons Kelowna is not only building out, but up, with the many high-rises being erected in the city. And the population is expected to become even denser over the next 20 years, with the population of the Regional District of the Central Okanagan expected to reach more than 277,000 people.

Mini storage or mobile storage containers are two ways residents can combat that lack of space. They offer simple solutions to expand your household, including:

Find out how a storage container can help you downsize by reading our storage tip: 3 Reasons Why a MI-BOX® Moving Box is the Best Way to Downsize and Move.


Space Centre Storage has many local storage solutions to help you deal with downsizing and density. Look into our self storage and storage box rental in Kelowna and use our locker size estimator to help you determine the best unit to fit your items and your budget.


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