Frequently Asked Questions


Leave a message at our office, email us from the website and we will get back to you the next day.

You’re not required to give prior notice when vacating, but you are required to come to the office and sign out after your storage unit is completely empty and swept out.

We accept debit and credit card payment. You can also have your account set up for reoccurring payment via credit card or your bank account. We do not accept cash.

No, you do not need a credit card to rent a storage unit!

Rents are due and payable in advance, monthly based on the first rental date.

Yes, before you gain access to storage, an electronic lease will be emailed to you or signed in person.

Message us online or give us a call! We want to make sure you get the current information for the lockers that are available. You can also use our RESERVE NOW option which will give you current pricing and availability. 

Yes, there is a refundable security deposit required. It is equal to a half month of rent and required for each storage unit.

We have a one-month minimum rental period after which the rent is pro-rated by day.

Yes, you can create your online account at (click “Customer Login” at the top of the page to create a new profile) and pay for your storage unit online.

Your initial payment is due on the starting rental date and then every month after on the same day.


Contact us and we’ll walk you through it! We’ll help you determine what size storage unit you need, and if we have any relevant promotions we’ll apply it.

Yes, you can.

Yes! We have a vehicle storage lot. You can store your car, RV, and boat with us!

Yes, you can share the unit. All parties using the storage unit and facility should be aware of our storage policies.

No, the customer is responsible to insure their own goods.

We require Government-issued photo I.D. to rent a storage unit with us.

8am–8pm Monday to Saturday, 10am–5pm Sundays and Holidays.

RV storage can be accessed between 8am-8pm everyday.

Contact us as soon as there are changes and we’ll try our best to accommodate your new schedule. During our busier seasons, we can’t guarantee an earlier rental.

Yes, your vehicle needs to be insured while stored.

No—unless you have a 24-hour locker.

Yes, we can, just let our staff know.

Most of our customers store their personal belongings, furniture, seasonal decorations, commercial product, old files, and more!

Please do not store food products, poisonous, flammable, corrosive, or explosive items. This includes propane and gas tanks. We also do not permit storing any living animals.

While you are renting and have no outstanding payments due, you are free to access your storage unit during facility hours

Yes, you can. We allow advance reservations of up to seven days with a paid deposit.

We can’t move your boxes for you, but we have a complimentary truck and driver!

Come into the office with your I.D. and we will give you a new card.

No notice needed! Just remember to give your unit a good sweep before coming to the office to sign out. If you don’t, you will no longer qualify for a refund of rent and security deposit.

Most customers transport their own items to their storage units, but the Space Centre is the ONLY facility that offers a FREE move-in truck and driver to help you get your items into storage!

All you have to do is pack it in and pack it out. If you’re looking for a more relaxed packing experience you can rent a MI-BOX portable unit, and either store it at home or at our secure storage facility.

Storage Units

Yes! We have a great range of storage unit sizes, from 4 x 6 to 10 x 25! Depending on the locker, the ceiling is between 7-16ft high

We are a 100% concrete and steel facility, with electronic security, surveillance cameras, security lighting, and a resident manager. We pride ourselves on providing a secure location for your storage.

We can remove your lock for you, if necessary. Just let the office know.

We will have many other choices for the right fit. If you feel like your locker is the wrong size contact us and we'll help you out.

We will give you a tour of the facility to show you the locker prior to the rental and we’ll show you how to access the building.

We are a disc lock only facility. You can purchase a disc lock from us or supply your own

No, our storage units do not have a power supply.

Most of our units are heated to above 0 degrees Celsius. However, even our non-heated units enjoy the benefits of lower humidity and reduced temperature fluctuations due to the size of our buildings.

We do not offer on-site disposal. However, the Glenmore Landfill is a short drive away from our facilities.

You drive into the building and the lockers are down adjacent hallways. Drive-up means that you can drive to the door.

If you’re looking to make your move easy and want some on-site storage, a MI-BOX® might be the perfect option for you!


We’re just off Highway 97, at 3530 Alcan Road!

Yes! We are happy to offer a great selection of quality products for all your moving and storage needs! Check out our moving supplies page and contact us for more information.

Yes, we do! Our referrals pay the customer $25 when they refer someone, and the new customer also gets $25 off the first month's rent.

During the 2018 flooding, our location was high and dry!

RV, Vehicle, and Boat Storage

We have 2 locations for RV, vehicle, and boat storage.

Our location at 3150 Sexsmith road is the only site with fresh water fill and sani dump.

We do not allow repairs of any kind on site. Your vehicle must be in running order before we will agree to store it.

Very! It is fenced with passcode entry and exit, and there is a residence on-site. We also have security cameras and patrols, and after-hours motion detectors.