10 Storage Tips to Help You Declutter Before Fall

Posted on August 13, 2020

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Now is the time to look for secure boat and recreational vehicle storage to help you declutter your garage and driveway.

Now that the Okanagan summer heat is starting to wane slightly, you may want to tackle those big home projects. After all, there’s no better time than the present to start decluttering your basement, garage, or yard of unwanted or needed items. For those belongings you wish to keep, but no longer have space for, why not consider placing them in storage? Hint: Space Centre Storage has just the place for all your self-storage needs. Follow these 10 tips to help you declutter before fall.


1. Schedule a decluttering day or weekend:

Give yourself enough time to go through your rooms, garage, and property to see what you’ll need to tackle. 


2. Gather those boxes and bins:

Before you start, make sure you have enough containers in which to place your items. Visit your local storage facility or liquor store for all the packing supplies you’ll need. 


3. Pick up cleaning supplies:

Clean up the dust, mildew, dirt and other unpleasantries by having your duster, mop, cloth, and cleaning fluid on hand.


4. Gauge what you need and what you don’t need:

Start one room at a time. Stack your clothes and other items into three piles: need, don’t need, don’t want.


5. Store what you don’t need:

Keep the items you want and place what you don’t need during the fall in an accessible self-storage unit. Items to store can include clothing, linens, yard implements, recreational equipment, tools, beach toys, etc. Look for a storage facility that offers forklifts for larger items, such as heavy furniture, appliances, or equipment.


6. Look for a storage space that offers vehicle storage:

Keep your property and garage free of clutter by storing your boats, RVs, motorcycles, convertibles, and other recreational vehicles in a secure lot. 


7. Hold a yard or garage sale:

What you may consider junk is likely someone else’s treasure!


8. Donate the rest:

What you are unable to sell may be considered worthy as a donation to a charitable organization or thrift shop. Some organizations even offer a moving truck to pick up your donated items.


9. Clean up and organize:

Once you’ve finished decluttering, prepare for those shorter days by cleaning your rooms and putting what’s left back in its place.


10. Sigh with relief and pour yourself some water (or something stronger)

You’re done :)


For more storage tips, read  How to Pack: Long vs. Short-Term Self Storage.


Space Centre Storage has everything Kelowna and Okanagan residents need for safe and secure storage, including RV, boat, and vehicle storage. We also offer a free moving truck with a driver within the Kelowna area. Contact us at 778-760-1713 to book your move-in storage date and check out our current deals on small storage lockers and MI-BOX® container rentals.


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