3 Benefits of Storage Containers for People Who Are Downsizing

Posted on September 11, 2015

Downsizing with storage container

Storage containers are a great way to hang on to cherished possessions for people who are moving into smaller homes.

Just because you‚Äôve decided to downsize your home doesn‚Äôt mean you have to liquidate all of your worldly possessions in a garage sale, or on Craigslist. Many families have discovered MI-BOX® storage containers as a handy way of hanging onto their belongings when moving into smaller living quarters.

Downsizing can be a challenging time for some people, especially older couples who can no longer keep up with maintaining their current properties. A storage container can help ease the transition by allowing them to retain many of their personal effects without cluttering their new home.

There are a number of other reasons why this approach makes sense:


1. Gives you time to adjust to life in your new home

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict which items are going to come in handy in your new home. For example, is your lawn going to be big enough to warrant using your ride-on lawnmower, or can you exchange it for a smaller push model?

Also, the size of your kitchen might not change all that much, so there’s no sense in jettisoning your cookware and utensils, only to realize you still have space for them.

Some might view this mind-set as a form of procrastination, however, there’s also an element of pragmatism behind it as well.


2. Gives you space for seasonal items

Let’s face the facts: a home with smaller square footage is going have less storage space than one with a larger footprint. Do you really want to use up that precious area on items you’re only going to use during certain times of the year? Storage containers are ideal for things like:

  • Winter clothes
  • Summer patio furniture
  • Gardening tools
  • Snow shovels

If you need storage space, but don't need it to be portable, self storage units are a great alternative for keeping old tax returns and other important documents that you need to hang on to, but will never likely use.


3. Make your living space your own

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a storage container is it allows you to arrange your living space the way you want it. Many people accumulate possessions and, without realizing it, store them in places that:

  • Hinder access
  • Are visually unappealing
  • Are better suited for other purposes

Two of the more obvious examples of this are people who stuff a spare bedroom full of storage containers, or fill a garage to the point where you can‚Äôt park a car in it. With the convenience of having a MI-BOX® mobile container in your driveway, you can store your extra possessions close by, and you're not too far away to grab something you packed away either.

To learn why keeping a clear garage makes sense, read our post Kelowna Storage Units: 5 Reasons to Give the Garage Back to Your Car.

Are you downsizing your home, but aren’t quite ready to get rid of your possessions? Space Centre Storage in Kelowna offers a number of storage containers and other convenient self storage options to safely secure your belongings. Call us to learn more.

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