3 Things to Never Use Your MI-BOX Kelowna Storage Box Rental For

Posted on January 14, 2015

For most of us, a MI-BOX® Kelowna Storage Box Rental is a temporary home for the large and small things that line our walls—camping stoves, mattresses and kid’s dressers. For others, such as British TV chef Heston Blumenthal, it’s become a home for creativity, training and experimentation.

As you can imagine, a Kelowna mobile storage unit is best used for housing the stuff of your basement and bedrooms. Here’s a list of the top three things you should never use your MI-BOX for.


1. Never use your Kelowna storage box rental as an oven

British cooking sensation Heston Blumenthal is known as a somewhat ‘unconventional’ chef, with his three Michelin star restauarant serving up the strange and whimsical. In one episode of his show Heston’s Great British Food, he attempts to master the roast beef dinner in a quantity fit to feed London. So, where to cook a giant-sized Yorkshire pudding? In a storage container ‘house’ used by firefighters for training, of course.

Just five minutes into the experiment, Heston says, “Things aren’t quite working out the way I’d hoped.” Despite the tall flames licking the metal storage container, the enormous pan and his trusted Yorkshire pudding, the recipe just doesn’t ‘pan’ out. In fact, it looks more like a pancake. “My giant Yorkshire pudding is a sloppy, uncooked mess,” Heston grumbles.

Watch the clip below. If it doesn't automatically start at the right time, jump to 22:46.



2. Never use your Kelowna mobile storage unit as a hot tub

Hot tubs make people happy. Hot water, warm jets and a starry sky, what more could you ask for on a winter night in the Okanagan? The jet-streamed waters have been hailed as not just relaxing and stress-releasing, but even therapeutic for those with back troubles. With this in mind, one might look for ways to erect their own hot tub, or even take one on the road in a mobile storage container.

While our MI-BOX units have become one of the most popular types of Kelowna mobile storage units because of their unique ability to protect your items and block out the elements as well as store everything under the sun. Water, particularly hot water, just isn’t one of them.


3. Never use your Kelowna portable storage container as a boat

Boating is one of the most popular summer activities here in the Okanagan, and when you’re out on the water, you’ll see all manner of devices designed to move man (and woman and child) on water, from paddleboards and cigarette boats to yachts and good old dingies.

While it may be tempting to haul your MI-BOX storage container to the lake and see if you can make as much use of it on water as you did on land outside your new home, please don’t. Storage containers contain a good amount of metal, and they won’t float.


Learn more about some of the safe, savvy and unexpected ways storage containers are being used in our post Outside Kelowna, Storage Containers Are Homes, Museums and Cafes.


When you’re looking for Kelowna self-storage, talk to the experts at the Space Centre. We’ll help you choose the storage unit that’s just right for you.

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