3 Tips for Loading & Using MI-BOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers

Posted on October 16, 2014

MI-BOX Kelowna Portable Storage Container

Finding the right commercial lease space in Kelowna need not be hard! Here are some tips to help you find the best lease.

MI-BOX® Kelowna portable storage containers might be the best thing to happen to moving since packing tape. To put it simply, they take the stress out of moving. Even so, there are ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your MI-BOX® to make moving even easier.

Here are three tips for loading and using Kelowna storage box rentals:


Tip #1Rent a MI-BOX® for at least a month before and after your move

One of the most significant advantages of using MI-BOX® portable storage containers is that you can do the moving long before and long after moving day. With the MI-BOX®, you can take your as much time as you'd like packing up rooms and hauling out the boxes, and hauling in and unpacking the boxes again later.

Many of our customers find it helps to have the MI-BOX® in their driveway a month before the big day and at least a month afterwards. But, we’ve had customers who have kept them for as little as a month in and as long as six months. You're free to use the storage as long as you'd like it; in your driveway or our heated warehouse.


Tip #2 – Load your MI-BOX® storage box evenly

As a habit, people tend to pack the lighter, less-used items first—the boxes of winter coats, extra linens or beach toys. If the back of your MI-BOX® has a whole lot of blankets and the front is loaded with lawnmowers and TV’s, uneven weight can make it tricky for our special trucks to pick up. 

Here at Space Centre, we use a level lift system (which means your box is never lifted at an angle) to make sure your MI-BOX® won’t tip over, but it’s always best to load storage boxes evenly. Plan out your packing method and try to go from a heavy base to a lighter weight on top. That way, when you call us to pick up your box, there's no cause for concern.


Tip #3Load items you won’t need access to first

Before you begin filling up your portable storage containers, make a plan for how you’ll fill it so you have easy access to things you might need.

Divide your belongings into three categories:

  1. Items you won’t need until well after the move, such as Christmas decorations or spare room furniture.
  2. Items you don’t really need now but you might go back and forth for them, such as camping gear or financial files.
  3. Items you need until moving day and that you’ll need to unpack on moving day as well, such as mattresses, kitchen utensils and bathroom toiletries.


Make sure your #1 items go in first at the back, followed by #2 items, just in case you need those rain boots or that slow cooker after all. Save the last bit of space in your MI-BOX® for #3 items so it’s easy for you to get the necessities you’ll need in the first week of life at your new home. You'll definitely be tired after getting everything sorted, so it's best to have your necessities close at hand for when it's finally time to relax!

If you need some more packing tips, check out our blog: 5 Tips for Packing and Using Storage Containers


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