4 Reasons Why Kelowna Commercial Lease Space Works for Small Business

Posted on January 21, 2016

Kelowna Commercial Lease for small business

A Kelowna commercial lease can be a wise option for small businesses that wish to maintain financial flexibility.

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to nurture your business and watch it grow and succeed. When you see that happen, it‚Äôs an exciting and highly rewarding time. However, there might come a time when your business reaches to a point where a Kelowna commercial lease space becomes a necessity.

Rather than look at this as an obstacle or a burden, it‚Äôs better to look at it as an opportunity. Under the right circumstances, a commercial lease could be what you need to take your small business to the next level (or get it started).


1. Keep Your Cash Flowing

Most small business owners don’t exactly have a ton of money to throw around. And while buying commercial real estate certainly has its advantages, it can quickly chew up your savings and handcuff you when making other financial decisions.

On the other hand, a Kelowna commercial lease provides you with the space you need while maintaining a greater level financial flexibility.


2. Pick Your Space Based on Need

Small businesses play a part in almost every industry sector:

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Food Services

Depending on the nature of your business, you might need a commercial lease for many different purposes. For instance, a mechanic would likely need a unit that features:

  • Bay doors
  • Shop space
  • Reception area
  • Small office
  • Lunchroom
  • High ceilings

On the other hand, a retail business owner who has some extra stock might need a space for warehousing purposes only. If you already occupy commercial space, you’d likely prefer to warehouse those goods near your existing place of business.


3. Extra Services Available

Not all commercial lease spaces are created equal. And while a retail-oriented business owner might prefer a small unit in a strip mall that has steady traffic flow, someone who runs a warehousing operation would benefit more from Kelowna lease space that includes features such as:

  • Loading docks
  • Drive-in truck entrances
  • Fork lifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Dollies

The commercial lease facilities at Space Centre Storage offer these amenities, and it’s just another example of how you can avoid tying up your cash flow. For businesses that do even a small amount of shipping and receiving, services like these are a convenient option that can save you time and money.


4. Ready for the Next Step

While you try to plan for every eventuality, it’s not uncommon for new or expanding businesses to experience unexpected demands. This can include outgrowing your current facilities.

If you own commercial real estate, it can be a challenge to sell and relocate. With leasing, you tend to have a little more flexibility. You may even have the option of acquiring additional lease space in your current location, without having to move.

To help refine your search for lease space, check out our post: Looking for Commercial Lease Space in Kelowna?


Kelowna commercial lease space is a great option for businesses that don’t want to tie up their cash flow. If you’re looking for a home for your business, call Space Centre Storage. We have a number of units to suit a variety of business applications.

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