4 Ways Kelowna Self Storage Units Can Help You Survive the Holidays

Posted on December 03, 2015

Kelowna Self Storage Units for Holidays

A Kelowna self storage unit is an effective way to keep curious family members from snooping for Christmas presents before the big day.


The countdown to Christmas is on and there's still so much to do before the big day. You've got guests arriving, presents to buy (and hide), food to prepare, decorations to put up... your list is starting to rival Santa's in length. Believe it or not, Kelowna self storage units can help with each one of these tasks.

With so much going on, the key to surviving Christmas is staying organized. With a storage unit, you can do exactly that. Here's how:


1. Clearing Space for Guests

If you have out-of-town guests staying for a few days (or longer) over the holidays, you'll need to start planning sleeping arrangements ahead of time. If that means putting your kids in the same room to free up a bed for Uncle Stan and Aunt Martha, tell them ahead of time so they're ready.

Or, if you have a spare room that's full of clutter, a Kelowna self storage centre is a convenient temporary storage option.

Other items on your checklist might include:

  • Making beds
  • Washing extra linens and towels
  • Giving guest rooms a thorough cleaning


2. Hiding Presents

Pretty much every family has a member that can't resist peeking at presents before they're wrapped (and even sometimes after they're wrapped). No matter how adept you think you've become at hiding them, they always seem to find a way to ruin the surprise.

A Kelowna self storage unit will put an end to those shenanigans in a hurry. In fact, you might even derive a little amusement from watching little Johnny scour the house, only to come up empty-handed.


3. Preparing Food

One of the best things about the holidays is the food. From turkey dinner to homemade baking to Christmas cocktails, the week between Christmas and New Year's is like one massive feast.

If you plan on having a lot of company over, storing excess food (non-perishable, of course) and beverages in a storage unit is a good option for people who don't want to entertain in a cluttered house. You could even use it to store that fruitcake that no one ever seems to eat.


4. Putting up Decorations

You don't have to be Clark W. Griswold from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to accumulate an abundance of Christmas decorations. When you consider how much there is, it's easy to see how quickly it can pile up:

  • Christmas lights (interior and exterior)
  • Tree ornaments
  • Fake tree
  • Inflatable lawn ornaments
  • Holiday dinnerware
  • Other ornaments (Nativity scenes, wall hangings, wreaths)

You only use these things for a few weeks of the year, so why not store them out of sight for the other 11 months?

To protect these holiday knickknacks when you place them in storage, read our post: Kelowna Self Storage Tips: How to Pack Your Belongings Effectively.


Do you need temporary storage to stay organized over the holidays? The Space Centre is a Kelowna self storage company that offers both short- and long-term storage solutions. Come by our facility on the north end of town to tour our compound.

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