5 Reasons to Organize Your Storage Unit

Posted on January 13, 2021

woman checking boxes

Organizing items in your storage unit or for warehousing helps you keep better track of your inventory. 

Whether you lack space at home, moving residences, have extra inventory, or have inherited your mother’s antique furniture, there are plenty of reasons to seek out storage away from home or your place of business. While renting a storage unit, placing your items inside, and locking the door is seemingly all it takes, there are some steps you should take to safely protect and access your belongings. 

We look at five reasons why it’s important to regularly check, organize, and maintain your self-storage unit so that everything is pristine and easy to find by the time you’re ready to remove or replace items.


1. It Helps You Take Stock of Your Inventory 

Making your items accessible is imperative, especially if you are a business and use commercial storage or warehousing for your products or excess stock. Organizing your unit helps to regularly track inventory and allows for swift in and out access. 


2. It Helps You Find Your Boxes for Moving

Especially helpful when moving your residence or office, organizing and labelling all your moving boxes before placing them in your storage space will help you find the things you need, instead of having to sort through everything all at once.   


3. It Allows You to Swap out Seasonal Items

Organizing seasonal items such as recreational equipment, yard implements, tires, lawn furniture, etc. in an accessible area of your storage space will help you save time when swapping them out.


4. It Prevents Damage to Your Belongings

Checking in on your stored items and cleaning your storage space at least once a month helps to ensure that nothing has become or will become damaged from the elements, pests, or other issues. Avoid the damaging effects of cold and wet weather on your items by reading 5 Answers on How Climate Controlled Storage Units Protect your Belongings.


5. It Helps You To Declutter

Not only does placing items in storage help you declutter your home or office, regularly organizing your storage locker helps you figure out what items you no longer need or want. Think of it this way, the longer items remain in storage, the more likely that they will become clutter. Cleaning out your storage of unwanted items also allows for a more organized space.


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