5 Reasons to Use Moving Storage Containers for Long Distance Relocation

Posted on August 28, 2015

Moving storage containers for long distance family

Moving storage containers are a convenient option for families who are moving long distances.

So, you got that promotion you've been coveting. The problem is the new position is halfway across the country and you need to decide if it's worth moving for. If so, you'll need to get packing those moving storage containers you heard about.

There are actually many approaches families use for moving house, but more and more people are realizing the benefits of using portable storage containers over other traditional methods. That applies not only to those moving just a few blocks down the road, but also to folks who are moving from one city to the next. Space Centre Storage can deliver your MI-BOX® anywhere from West Kelowna to Oyama.

People move for many reasons:

  • New job
  • Lost your job
  • Post-secondary education
  • To be closer to family and friends
  • Lifestyle preference
  • Shake things up
  • Put some serious distance between you and an Ex

No matter the reason, finding the fastest, easiest way to move should be a priority. Here are a few reasons why portable storage units are an ideal choice:


1. Pack at Your Leisure

The beauty of moving storage containers is that you can order them in as far in advance as you see fit. Basically, once you decide to move, you can call the storage company and they'll quickly deliver the number of units you require.

After that, all you need is the motivation to start sorting through your possessions and packing up what you want to take with you. Once you're ready, simply call the company to arrange transportation to your new pad.


2. Cheaper Than a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company can certainly save your back, but it won't save your wallet. You pay a premium to hire professional, but as long as you find a reputable outfit, they'll provide a satisfactory service.

However, given the previous point, there's no reason you can't pack at your own pace and spread the workload out. When it comes the larger, heavier items, you'll have ample time to enlist the help of a few friends, relatives or neighbours.


3. No Mad Dash to Book a Moving Truck

Home possession dates typically happen on the first of the month, which means you might be competing with other people to secure the services of a moving truck. That means booking well in advance, which is a luxury not everyone has.


4. Unpacking is Equally Straightforward

Once the portable storage containers have been delivered, the unpacking process happens in the same convenient fashion. You get to unpack at your leisure, and call again when your moving storage containers are ready for collection.


5. In Between Homes

If you expect there'll be a gap between the time you leave your current home and move into the new one, many storage companies will arrange temporary storage of your portable containers on a month-by-month basis.

For thrifty advice on moving, read our post: How to Save Money Moving (Hint: Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers).

Moving is never convenient, but Space Centre Storage in Kelowna makes the process easier with their MIBOX® moving storage containers. Call us to arrange a delivery so you can begin packing on your own schedule, not the moving company's.

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