5 Tips for Effectively Packing a Moving Truck

Posted on July 09, 2015

Effective Packing in Moving Truck

Kelowna self storage units are a great way for packrats to free up living space and sort through unnecessary items.

You've finally grown tired of not being able to use your overstuffed garage. You've found an affordable Kelowna self storage unit that offers a courtesy moving truck to transport your items over to the secure compound, and now all that's left to do is pack.

For the sake of the wellbeing of your belongings (and your back), it's important to develop a solid game plan for packing the back of a moving van. It might seem like there's a lot of space back there, but you'd be surprised at how quickly it fills up if you use haphazard packing methods.


1. Protect Your Back

When it comes time for the big move, enlist the help of family and friends to help ease the burden. You can usually convince a few willing helpers by offering a big barbecue or pizza after the work is done.

You can also save yourself a ton of heavy lifting by using a dolly and lifting straps for heavier items. Park as close to your storage items as possible to minimize the distance you have to carry them.


2. Safety First

Make sure your moving truck is parked in a location that offers good access, so you're not tripping over nearby objects or having to maneuver around things every time you're carrying a load.

Ensure the truck ramp is fully deployed, in a stable position, and is dry and clear of debris.


3. Pack Efficiently

You should start loading the moving truck by placing your first layer of boxes (heaviest first) against the back wall of the truck. Continue stacking rows until you've reached the top and start the next tier.

If you'e moving any mattresses and box springs, lay a blanket pad on the floor first, then stand these items vertically and secure them to the sidewall.

If possible, load your couches vertically to utilize the top space of the van. Use blanket pads, pillows and smaller furniture items wrapped in blankets to fill in the spaces.


4. Don't Leave Space

Your household items are never going to be the same shape, size or weight, which results in spaces between irregularly shaped items. To ensure you've got a tight and evenly distributed load, be sure to use blanket pads or extra pillows to fill in any gaps. This will prevent items from shifting or rubbing against one another during transport.

Furniture pads are also useful for:

  • Protecting electronics such as televisions
  • Leveling a tier of boxes
  • Shimming an oddly shaped item
  • Safeguarding furniture fabric

If your storage items don't fill the back of the truck completely, strap the back tier to the sidewall to keep it from shifting, using pads to protect any exposed surface areas.


5. Before You Leave

After going to all of that effort, it would be a shame to drive away without properly securing the cargo door and replacing the ramp. Make sure all latches are latched, and all loose ends tucked away.


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