5 Tips for Optimizing RV Storage Kelowna Campers Love

Posted on August 15, 2016

RV Storage in Kelowna

Read below for tips on how to enhance your RV storage Kelowna camping enthusiasts swear by.

You‚Äôve just started stocking your trailer in preparation for your big camping trip, and can‚Äôt help but wonder where to store everything. Food, clothing, towels, toiletries, shoes, utensils ‚Äì they‚Äôve all got to go somewhere. If you find yourself constantly rearranging everything in your trailer in the hopes of finding some sort of balance, it‚Äôs time to check out some of these five fantastic tips for RV storage Kelowna outdoorsmen (and women!) love. 


1. Store utensils and knives on the wall. This ingenious idea will not only save you space in your drawers, it’ll also make food prep and cleanup super simple. Check your local camping supply store for a magnetic utensil strip for the wall, or if you’ve got a handyperson in your family, have them throw one together.


2. Install extra shelves and dividers in cupboards. When travelling in your RV, things are bound to come loose and jostle around. It’s expected. However, if you install shelves and dividers into your cupboards, you can prevent this from happening. There will be less room for these everyday camping items to move. As a bonus, your cupboards will be much more organized which will make camping more enjoyable.


3. Hang an over-the-cupboard-door wastebasket. Don’t waste some of the much-needed floor space with a waste bin. Hang a wastebasket on the inside of one of your cupboards for a quick and easy way to save yourself more space.


4. Grab yourself a large pack of hooks and use them all. If your family likes to drape their clothes and wet towels over every useable surface in your RV, you should probably consider adding hooks. To keep your trailer looking organized and somewhat tidy, install the hooks on the backs of closet and cupboard doors. You could even install them right onto the walls in the bathroom.  


5. Mason jars can be used for keeping spices or small items neat and orderly. It‚Äôs a simple yet ingenious solution ‚Äì using some screws and a screwdriver, simply secure the Mason jar lids to the surface underneath your cabinets. Now, fill up the jars with whatever you‚Äôd like and then screw them right into their affixed lids. It‚Äôs a quick spin-on and spin-off storage solution that‚Äôs perfect for RVs.  


Now that camping season is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing and finding RV storage Kelowna camping enthusiasts prefer. For more tips and tricks of the trade, check out our previous post: Kelowna RV Storage Tips: Getting Your Ride Ready for Winter.


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