5 Tips for Storing Stuff in a Storage Locker in Winter

Posted on December 07, 2018

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Put your stuff in storage before the snow falls


Without snow, it doesn’t quite feel like winter yet. Since there’s no snow to shovel off the driveway and sidewalks and some motorcycles are still cruising around town, it’s a little hard to imagine that winter is almost upon us. But it is.

If you’ve got items you need tucked away in a storage locker until summer, now is a great time to get to work before the snow arrives. 

To ensure your items are well protected over the winter season, follow these five helpful tips:


1. Use wool or cotton towels for insulation.

If you’re storing temperature-sensitive items like electronics, wrap them up in wool and cotton blankets and towels. Besides insulating your items, the towels and blankets will also keep the pests and dust out. If you want to avoid wrapping up your electronics, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit.


2. Keep electronics off the ground.

The ground loses heat easily, and that makes it the coldest spot in the entire unit. When the cold seeps into your electronics, it can damage the batteries and more. To avoid this from happening, even in a climate-controlled unit, store the electronics on a shelf.


3. Winterize vehicles before parking them in vehicle storage.

If you plan on parking your RV or boat in a secure storage lot, be sure to winterize it in advance. Taking the necessary steps to prepare your vehicle for storage will ensure it’s in tip-top shape when the snow melts. If you’ve got a motorcycle or car to store, you could also consider an indoor storage unit instead of winterizing and storing outdoors. 

If you’ve got an RV to winterize, take a look at our previous post for some useful information: RV Storage: 8 Steps to a Winter-Ready Rig.


4. Only store clean items.

It’s such a good habit to get into. Cleaning your items before leaving them behind in a storage locker will prevent pests from finding their way inside. Plus, when you retrieve them in the spring, they’ll be ready to use, saving you time.


5. Be cautious when storing canned goods.

If you’ve got left-over canned goods or soda from past Christmas parties, you may want to reconsider storing them in a storage unit that isn’t climate-controlled. A drop in temperature can cause these items to burst and spill. If you still need to store them, consider storing them in a cooler. It’ll help insulate the items and protect them from drastic temperature swings. If they do burst, the cooler will be much easier to clean than the floor and other items caught in the crossfire.


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