5 Tips for Using Kelowna Self Storage to Secure Your Summer Gear

Posted on August 17, 2015

Kelowna RV storage and rv overwintering

As the summer season starts to fade, it's time to start planning the Kelowna self storage options for your toys.

As August charges towards September, you're probably trying to squeeze every last ounce of fun and sunshine from summer in the Okanagan. Whether you live here permanently, or you're a part-time resident, you'll soon need to hunker down all of your summer toys and move them to a Kelowna self storage unit.

Big-ticket items such as boats, jet-skis, RVs and dirt bikes represent a significant investment and they need to be maintained, protected and stored properly during our frigid Canadian winters.

Our Kelowna self storage experts have come up with a checklist to make the process easier.


1. Get a Game-plan Going

With a little forethought and a thorough maintenance schedule, you'll keep these units looking and performing like new. When it comes time to tuck your prized possessions away for a long winter's nap, you'll rest easy knowing you've done everything to make sure your babies are safe and secure.

You also need to think about stowing other items such as:

  • Outdoor grills
  • Patio furniture
  • Gardening tools
  • Lawnmowers, weed eaters etc.


2. Clean Now So You're Ready to Go in Spring

Wouldn't it be great if your boat or motorcycle was ready to go as soon as you opened the door to your storage unit come Spring? It will be if you perform the necessary cleaning and maintenance before you store them this Fall.

For motorized equipment, typical maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning, detailing and, where applicable, waxing exteriors
  • Vacuuming and cleaning interiors
  • Removing excess water (boats and jet-skis)
  • Changing oil and topping up fluids
  • Adding fuel stabilizers to fuel tanks
  • Removing batteries and storing them in a cool, dry place
  • Checking tire pressure

For grills and outdoor furniture, give them a thorough cleaning with the appropriate supplies.


3. Don't Procrastinate on Repairs

Part of your maintenance routine should include inspecting your vehicles to see if they need repairs. If you notice anything, get it taken care of before you place them in your Kelowna self storage unit.


4. Choose the Right Type of Self Storage Unit

When you visit your local self storage facility, take a tour to see their storage options. You might be surprised at what's available:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Climate-controlled warehouses for larger items
  • Drive-up or drive-thru service
  • Valet service (usually requires a call in advance)
  • Secure facilities with frequent patrols

By carefully considering these options, you can find a storage solution that meets your needs and is cost-effective.


5. Insure Your Belongings Year-Round

Even though you only use your toys for part of the year, it's important to provide year-round coverage. While it's extremely unlikely something would happen to your belongings in the storage units Kelowna residents have trusted for years, it provides peace of mind.


If you're considering packing everything into your garage, you might want to read Kelowna Storage Units: 5 Reasons to Give Your Garage Back to Your Car.

Wondering what do with your summer toys when the season ends? Space Centre Storage has a solution for all of your prized possessions. We provide secure Kelowna self storage options for everything from boats and RVs to patio furniture and barbecues. Come and visit our facility to see which options would work best for you.

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