6 Tips for Winter Boat Storage Kelowna Residents Need to Know

Posted on August 07, 2015

Wake boarder enjoying the lake.

As summer starts to wind down, you need to consider preparing your vessel for boat storage Kelowna residents expect every fall.

It's been a hot, dry summer and you've probably had a great time boating on Okanagan Lake. Whether you're into towed water sports, fishing or just cruising the shoreline, it won't be long before you need to ready your vessel for boat storage Kelowna outdoor enthusiasts know is a necessary part of maintenance.

Extended periods of inactivity, especially in cold Canadian winters, can accelerate wear and tear on any boat. It can even contribute to breakdowns later on. To keep your boat in peak condition, our storage experts have come up with a handy maintenance checklist. 

By being proactive and seeing to this list now, not only will you keep you boat in top condition, you'll be ready to go in spring.


1. Go for one last spin

Before you take your boat out of the water this fall, head out for one last trip. Take note of anything that needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced.

Once you have your list, you'll have all winter to work on any issues and there won't be any unexpected repair bills in spring.


2. Decide where you want to store your boat

Where you store your boat will depend on a number of things:

  • Size of your boat
  • Size of your garage
  • Level of understanding of neighbours and wife

Unless you own a commercial-sized shop to provide the kind of boat storage Kelowna homeowners find so convenient, you might have to look elsewhere. Your neighbours and spouse might not appreciate you parking your boat on the front lawn all winter, so a self storage unit in Kelowna is a great option.

A quality self storage centre should be able to provide options such as:

  • Valet service
  • Security cameras and patrols 
  • Monthly and yearly rates

To make your search a little easier, here are 5 Tips to Find the Best Boat Storage in Kelowna.


3. Make it sparkle

Give your boat a thorough cleaning, including the hull, topsides, deck and hardware‚ before placing it in winter storage. This is so important because it'll help it weather the hiatus a little better.

Note any corrosion or blistering (on fiberglass boats) and repair it right away. Left unchecked, it can spread, worsening the problem and increasing the repair bill later.


4. Prepare the fuel system

Topping up your fuel tank will help prevent condensation build-up during storage. You should also add a marine fuel stabilizer to the tank to keep the system clean. 

While you'e at it, change your engine oil (on applicable engines) and replace the filters. Also remember to inspect hoses, belts and clamps.


5. Remove your battery and other "stuff"

To make your marine battery last longer, remove and store it in a climate-controlled area. Keep it off the ground.

If you have space, remove other items to keep them from weathering:

  • Lifejackets
  • Dock lines
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flares
  • Ski ropes
  • Portable electronics


6. Keep it dry

Check the bilges and remove any standing water, and clean up any dirt or oil.

Looking for a convenient and secure place to store your boat this winter? Space Centre Storage offers boat storage Kelowna residents have relied on for years. Call us to discuss our storage options and affordable rates.

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