A College Student's Guide To Summer Storage Lockers

Posted on March 15, 2022

Save time and money by renting a storage unit for students during the summer months.

Save time and money by renting a storage unit for students during the summer months.

As spring is quickly approaching, next will be the end of the school year for college and university students. Many post-secondary students attend a school in another city from their hometown. As a result, they often need to pack up their belongings and head home for the summer.

The best way to make it stress-free at the end of the year and prepare for the next school year is to find a storage facility and rent a storage locker for the summer months.

Benefits Of Renting A Storage Unit

If you have ever moved, you know how much of a pain it can be. It is no different for college and university students, other than doing it more often - twice a year, to be specific. Whether a student lives in a dorm room, or an apartment for the school year, hauling all their belongings back home isn't the best option. Instead, rent a self-storage locker. It's an easy way for them to keep their "school year" belongings close to where they attend school and not fill their parents' house with moving boxes.

Don't forget about the added cost of moving everything to another city. With gas prices what they are, driving a moving van is not worth the time or money when they can find a storage place close to campus. 

What To Leave In The Storage Locker

As hard as it can be to figure out what size of a storage locker you might need, pack carefully when deciding what to bring home and what to leave behind. First off, leave the winter clothes and equipment behind. Second, leave the school supplies in the storage container unless you are taking online summer classes. If you are moving back to your parent's house for the summer, they probably have bedding and bath towels, so part with yours for a few months.

As far as what to take, any summer clothes you may need, and if you brought a bike to campus, that might be useful to pack for the journey home. Leading up to your move-out date, try and consume any food you have in your place. When it comes time to move, donate what you haven't finished, or take it with you.

Other Things To Consider

Knowing what size is needed can be a bit tricky. That's why it's best to contact a local storage company, and they will be able to direct you on the best size and give you some rates.

Weigh the pros and cons of loading everything into a car or moving van and driving home versus renting a storage locker. A locker is most likely more affordable; it's also more convenient. 

In business since 1985, Space Centre Storage are the experts in everything storage. Located close to the UBCO campus, they are a perfect option for students to store their belongings over summer break. Contact us today to reserve a locker for summer.

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