Boat Storage: 5 Things You Need to Think About First

Posted on July 21, 2016

Outdoor RV and boat storage

Before looking for boat storage options, there are a couple things to consider first.


As the days begin to get shorter and the leaves start to fall, it’s probably time to start thinking about boat storage. Now that you’ve spent the summer cruising the lakes with your friends and family, it’s time to tuck away one of your favourite possessions. Don’t worry, though, summer will be back soon, and so will your boat. Before tucking it away for safekeeping during the off-season, you should consider these 5 points first:


1. Your Boat Storage Budget

Storing your boat for the winter can cost you a couple bucks, but it’s up to you to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Consider things like:

  • Location (marina slip, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
  • Additional services (heating, winterizing, transportation, etc.)
  • Boat size and length

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when planning a budget for storing your boat. Once you’ve determined what kind of storage you’d prefer, call around to Kelowna storage rental facilities for quotes and more information.


2. Indoor or Outdoor Storage

Determine whether you’d prefer your boat to be stored inside or outside. Inside storage facilities offer climate control and can protect your boat from damage caused by frost and snow. Others opt for more affordable options like outdoor storage and shrink-wrapping. Shrink-wrap provides waterproof protection from melting snow and ice and keeps out any unwanted critters from turning your boat into their winter vacation home.


3. Storage Facilities

Since the Okanagan is such a popular place for boat lovers, there is no shortage of boat storage options and locations available all over Kelowna. Before you choose a storage facility, take the time to shop around. Call ahead, ask for quotes, and even take a tour of the facility.


4. How and When to Winterize

Before tucking your boat away for the winter, you should always perform some routine maintenance like winterizing your boat. Not only will it increase the lifetime of your watercraft, it’ll also ensure it doesn’t become damaged once the weather cools down. Some storage facilities will offer winterization packages at an additional cost. If this service wasn’t included in your budget, it’s best to stay away from storage locations that offer this deal. They tend to be more costly than facilities that simply offer a secure location to store your boat.

If you’re a handy person that takes pride in maintaining your boat yourself, check out these helpful preparing-for-winter-storage tips in our past post: 6 Tips for Winter Boat Storage Kelowna Residents Need to Know.


5. Security Amenities

Now that you‚Äôve got your budget in place and you‚Äôve thought about what kind of storage you‚Äôd prefer, it‚Äôs time to pick a storage facility. If you‚Äôve narrowed down your list to just a few facilities, this last option should help you find your future watercraft storage destination. Find out what kind of security measures and precautions are in place. Look for a facility that offers coded entry and exit, security cameras, and after hour motion detectors, especially if you‚Äôve chosen outdoor storage. After all, you can never have too many security measures in place when your boat is concerned. 


If you‚Äôre looking for a secure and budget-friendly facility to house your boat during the long winter months, contact the boat and RV storage experts at Space Centre Storage. We offer a wide variety of storage solutions, from storage units in Kelowna to portable storage containers. 

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