Boat Storage Kelowna Locals Love vs. Storing at Home

Posted on October 13, 2016

Affordable Storage

Are you wondering if you should store your boat at home or at the boat storage Kelowna boaters prefer? We can help you decide.

Now that the summer sun is setting on boating season, it's time to find a home for your favourite summertime possession. As you watch the leaves slowly flutter to the ground, you may find yourself wondering if you should find a boat storage Kelowna facility or make room in your driveway or on your lawn. Before making a decision, consider some of these options first.


1. The Safest and Most Secure Option

Although keeping your boat stored on your property for winter may seem like the safest option, it might not be. If you have winter vacations planned, your boat may become a sitting duck for sticky-fingered thieves or inclement weather. Even if you live on a gated acreage with lots of vacant land perfect for boat storage, your boat is still at risk for damage caused by winter weather. Storage facilities can offer protection and peace of mind. If you choose to go the storage-centre route, pick a facility that offers some of these boat-friendly amenities: 

  • 24 hour monitoring and patrols
  • Code-protected entry and exit points
  • Security cameras
  • After-hour motion detection


2. The Best Bang for Your Hard-Earned Buck

Although searching out storage options for your boat may seem like a costly venture, many storage centres offer affordable storage rates. Oftentimes the rates depend on things like:

  • Size of item being stored
  • Indoor or outdoor storage options
  • Amount of security available

To make sure you get the best value for your dollar, shop around at a few different storage locations. Ask questions and take a tour of the facility to determine if pleasure craft storage is a good option for you and your storage needs.


3. The Perfect Location

If storing your boat at home isn't an option for you due to space constraints, choose a storage facility located close to home that's easily accessible. A centrally located facility makes picking up and dropping off easy and worry-free. It also makes checking up on your boat during storage season quick and convenient. A few other components to consider in a perfectly located facility are:

  • A storage area that offers easy loading and unloading access points
  • A storage stall free of debris and precariously positioned trees and power poles


4. The Best Service

With so many boat storage Kelowna facilities and options available, great customer service will help set one centre apart from the others. Look for a storage facility that caters to your needs while being up front and honest about your storage options. The team should be courteous, friendly, and professional. Your boat is one of your most-loved possessions, and you should feel comfortable and assured when trusting it to the capable hands of a storage company.


Before tucking your boat away for winter, read our previous post first: 4 Common Boat Storage Winterization Issues to Avoid.


Are you looking for boat storage Kelowna boaters swear by? Stop in at Space Centre Storage and chat with the friendly storage professionals. We offer boat and RV storage options that include an on-site residence, security cameras, after-hour motion detectors, and entry and exit points that require a passcode.

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