4 Common Boat Storage Winterization Issues to Avoid

Posted on September 09, 2016

Boat storage

If you're putting your beloved boat into boat storage this winter, keep an eye out for some of these common winterization mishaps.

Now that the kids are back in school and the warm weather has begun to cool down, you've probably started the search for a suitable boat storage facility. In order to make sure your boat comes out of storage in the spring ready for some fun times on the water, make sure you take the necessary steps to prepare it for storage. Before winterizing your boat for the upcoming chilly winter months, check out our list of common winterization mishaps and quickly discover how to avoid them.


1. Keep the Trim Down

If you're storing your watercraft outdoors this winter season, make sure you keep the motor tilted down. By doing this, you'll allow water and moisture to drain out of the cooling system. If moisture stays inside the motor, you could end up with a cracked block or a damaged water pump housing. This is an especially important winterization must-do to ensure winter rain or snow doesn't enter the exhaust passages through the prop hub and cause damage while in storage.   


2. Skip the Shrink Wrap

If you've got an outboard motor, you may want to reconsider wrapping it up during the winterization process. Although the wrap may seem like a protective measure, it can actually do more harm than good. The engine cover is vented and designed to allow air to circulate. Tightly wrapping the motor will actually allow moisture to collect on the powerhead without allowing it a chance to escape. Moisture can cause corrosion problems that can damage your motor. If you're having a professional shrink-wrap your boat, ask them to skip the motor or leave gaps around the transom for circulation.


3. Service the Gearcase

This step should be highlighted on your winterization checklist. Changing the lube in the gearcase at least once a year is a must. This will not only ensure your propeller runs smoothly, but it will also minimize the risk of damage. Oftentimes, water will make its way into the gearcase. If this is missed during the winterization process, the water will freeze and crack the case leaving you with a repair bill next spring.   


4. Take the Battery with You

Before you kiss your buddy bye-bye at your favourite Kelowna boat storage facility, make sure you remove the battery. If the electrolyte has a good charge, your battery shouldn't freeze. But if the battery loses its charge over the winter months, it could freeze. This will ruin the battery, and may even cause it to crack and leak into the bilge. To avoid this problem altogether, remove the battery, charge it up, and store it in a dry place. A temperature-controlled self storage unit is an ideal place for boat battery storage.   


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