Boost Your Business Productivity with Commercial Storage

Posted on May 27, 2017

Boost Business Productivity with Commercial Storage

Did you know that utilizing commercial storage could actually boost productivity?

Utilizing commercial storage units can go a long way in promoting a productive and efficient work environment. Picture your ideal workspace. Is it tidy or does it have paperwork and furniture scattered around? Is there enough room to walk and stretch or are you tripping over misplaced clutter on the floor? If the ideal space you just imagined is tidy, that's because a clean and organized space can actually increase the ability to concentrate and focus thus increasing productivity. 

To help you turn your current cluttered space into the workspace of your dreams, we've compiled a few tips to get you there. 


1. Store Unneeded Equipment in a Storage Unit

If your business requires some equipment and tools to be kept in inventory that aren't required daily or even weekly, rent a commercial storage unit. You can keep your items tucked away safely until they're needed again without having to trip over them in the meantime. 


2. Take Advantage of Paper and Document Storage

Even though most businesses are heading into a paperless age, there's still a requirement on how long paper copies need to be kept for. Items like contracts, receipts, invoices, and personnel records can add up over time creating a need for storage solutions. To avoid overfilling filing cabinets with years of paperwork, consider renting a commercial or public storage unit to house all your dated paperwork. By keeping only the current documents in your office, you can free up tons of space previously occupied by tall and cumbersome cabinets.


3. Place a Bulk Order and Save

Oftentimes, ordering supplies in bulk quantities can result in a larger discount. However, without the room to store it, these extra large orders can take a toll on free space hidden throughout the office. To avoid unnecessary clutter, keep your surplus items in a storage unit where they can be stored until needed. 


4. Switch Offices with Ease

If you're planning an office move in the next couple of months or even year, get a jump-start by picking up a commercial unit. As furniture becomes unused or unwanted, start moving it over to your newly rented unit. You can even start moving over paper files that aren't accessed daily, filing cabinets, desks, and other items in advance, making moving day much easier for you and your coworkers. 


5. Store Seasonal Stock During Off-Season

If your business is at the mercy of the seasons, you may find a little comfort in the ability to store off-season items in a commercial storage unit. If the amount of stock you wanted to store is reasonably small, you can even consider MI-BOX® moving storage containers. These portable storage containers can be parked right outside your office and only require the same amount of room as the size of a single parking stall. 


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If you're looking for a safe and secure storage facility to store your belongings in, contact the team at Space Centre Storage. With years of experience in the storage industry, we can get you set up with a locker, portable container, or commercial unit tailored to your needs.

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