Business Growth Solutions: Portable and Self-Storage Options

Posted on August 10, 2017

Small Business Storage Solutions

These self-storage solutions can allow your business to continue growing without breaking the bank.

Let's face it: the Kelowna real estate market is booming right now. Although this brings good news to many homeowners, it can put a little strain on business owners that are looking to expand their operations. Fortunately, there are other local storage options available that won't drastically affect the bottom line.

Whether it's looking for document storage or a place to move extra inventory into, a MI-BOX® storage container or a self-storage unit rental can make all the difference. Here's how:


A MI-BOX® Container:

These convenient, portable storage containers can go anywhere. They're solid, weatherproof and can fit in a standard parking stall. Plus, they can be relocated, even after they've been filled up.

Some other appealing benefits include:

  • The ability to store items at your leisure
  • Easy accessibility on current site or in a storage facility
  • Rental rates that are competitive and affordable


A Storage Unit:

Storage units are the quintessential storage solution for small business owners tight on available storage space. The monthly affordable rates are easy on budgets and provide big benefits.

In fact, storage units can even increase a company's productivity. To find out how, check out our previous blog post: Boost Your Business Productivity with Commercial Storage.


Document and File Storage:

Although most companies are heading down the paperless path, there are still paper files that need to be kept for lengthy periods of time. These files can take up more room in an office than there's space for.

To reclaim some of the space in your office without having to move, consider letting a storage facility handle your file storage needs. Some of the file storage services available out there include:

  • Proper document security including sign-in/sign-out procedures
  • Document tracking services
  • File pick up and delivery services


If you'd rather manage your documents yourself before tucking them away into a storage unit, we've compiled a few tips to keep them organized.


1. Label, Label, and Label Some More

Properly labeled documentation can save time and money. An effective labelling system reduces the amount of time spent sorting through documents and can help staff members get back to their regular duties quickly.


2. Get Colour Happy

Using a colour-coded filing system can also reduce the amount of time spent rifling through old documents. It also adds a little colour to the arduous task of filing, which can make it more enjoyable.


3. Become Buddies with an Inventory List

Prepare an Excel sheet that outlines what's being stored and where. You can even set it up so it's arranged by date to maximize efficiency. It may be beneficial to include a legend for your colour-coding system as well. 


For all your business storage needs, turn to the Kelowna self-storage experts at Space Centre Storage. Whether you're looking for temporary or long-term storage options, we can help. Call us today for a complimentary quote: 778-760-1713


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