4 Reasons Businesses Love Moving Storage Containers

Posted on July 14, 2016

Mi box moving storage containers

Business owners love the convenience and versatility of moving storage containers. 

From leasing a storefront location to hiring employees as you’ve grown, you’ve risen up and started your own successful company. Congrats! You’ve mastered the art of navigating through obstacles and staring down challenges. Well, we’re here to offer you another trick to stuff up your sleeve for the next hurdle that comes along. Moving storage containers. Here’s why business owners love them:


1. Recovering from Natural Disasters

Although uncommon in the Okanagan, disasters can strike at any time and leave you and your business struggling. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, portable storage containers can help in a big way. Because these containers are portable, you can have one set up nearby. Once you’ve salvaged as much as you can from the damaged goods, you can keep them stored on site while repairs are being made to the facility. You can even have new items delivered and stored at the same time too.


2. Relocating to a New Space

Are you thinking about relocating to a new office space? You should definitely consider renting a moveable storage container. The container can be dropped off at your current location where you can fill it up with all the contents you want to move. Then once it’s loaded up, the container will be transported to your new location. The hardest part about relocating will be deciding what to move, not how to move it.


3. Fluctuating Employee Levels              

If you’ve been experiencing a high rate of employee turnover, moving storage containers can help keep your office organized in the interim. Instead of having empty desks, computers, and phones scattered around, you can store these items right outside the back door. Your current employees will love the extra space, and the office will look less empty once the vacant desks have been removed.


4. Conveniently Located Extra Storage  

If space is getting a little tight at your business, a storage container is a convenient solution for creating extra room. Since it can be located directly on your property, you can go ahead and store everyday items in there. These containers are also theft proof and weather proof, so there’s no threat of your belongings becoming stolen or damaged. Items like office supplies, furniture, and paper files can be moved right in freeing up some much needed space in your place of business.

Bonus: We‚Äôve got another trick to add to your quickly expanding sleeve.  Now that you‚Äôve taken advantage of the benefits of keeping a storage container on site, order your stationary supplies in bulk. You‚Äôll save money and have a safe place to store them.  

Is your office space actually a construction site? Don‚Äôt worry. Moveable storage containers are perfect for construction sites too. Read our previous post to find out more: Construction Site Solutions: How a MI BOX® Helps


If your business could benefit from moving storage containers, contact the storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage. We offer convenient storage options for businesses of any size, from mobile storage to commercial spaces for lease. 

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