Commercial Lease Space or a Mobile Storage Unit in Kelowna?

Posted on June 10, 2015

Storage Unit for Kelowna Businesses

Not quite ready to make the capital investment in a private warehouse? Space Centre Storage offers affordable, convenient storage solutions such as commercial lease space and a mobile storage unit Kelowna retailers find handy for their excess inventory.


Many Okanagan retailers share a common problem: What to do with excess stock? There's only so much room for it in the store itself, and renting a warehouse facility is cost prohibitive for many operations. While some retail outlets are realizing the benefits of commercial lease space, others are using MI-BOX®, the mobile storage unit Kelowna businesses are using for their excess inventory.

Both storage methods have their advantages, all you need to do is figure out which one will benefit you and your type of business the most.


Portability Made to Perfection

If you need your product close to hand, then a MI-BOX® is the ideal storage solution for you. Our professional drivers will deliver these mobile storage containers anywhere around Kelowna, Lake Country, West Kelowna and surrounding areas. Once there, you can pack and unpack them at your convenience, and you only have to rent them as long as you're using them. There's no long-term commitment required.

MI-BOX® containers are particularly handy for companies that:

  • Experience fluctuations in product demand
  • Need extra storage space for seasonal product lines
  • Use bulk buying power to get better deals


A Neat and Tidy Package

The convenient size of MI-BOX®‚ eight feet tall, 16 feet long, seven feet wide‚ will fit in most parking spaces, which is a huge convenience for businesses with storefront parking.

Some storage containers are just plain ugly. You've seen the ones where the metal exterior is rusting away or the paint is mismatched, faded or chipped. That's not the case with MI-BOX®. Clad with DuraPlate, these storage units won't look out of place in front of your store, or tucked away behind it.


Keep Your Capital Free With Commercial Lease Space

If you own a company that requires storage space, but you're not quite set up financially to invest in a private warehouse unit‚ and all the material handling equipment you'll need to run it‚ commercial lease space at the Space Centre Storage in Kelowna can help you bridge the gap.

Space Centre's accessible 350,000 square-foot facility on the north end of Kelowna has all of the staff and equipment to handle your shipping and receiving needs, even for companies that store larger items and equipment. Some of the building features include:

  • Loading docks,
  • Drive-in truck entrances
  • Fork lift
  • Pallet jack
  • Dollies
  • Customized storage units (with shelves and racks)

If you don't have the available manpower, Space Centre Storage offers a service to deliver received goods right to your lease space.

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Can't decide which storage solution is right for your business? Come by and talk to the friendly customer service agents at Space Centre Self Storage in Kelowna to discuss options such as commercial lease space or a mobile storage unit Kelowna companies like so much. We'll even give you a guided tour of our storage complex in our GEM electric car so you can see what makes us such a safe and convenient choice.

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