Commercial Self Storage in Kelowna: Drive-up or Drive-through?

Posted on October 31, 2014

Drive-through Commercial self storage in Kelowna

In addition to convenient traditional outside access Kelowna commercial self storage, the Space Centre offers drive-through covered access.

When your business needs more room, it’s usually a good sign: You’ve got more clients whose files need storing, or a superior line-up of inventory that needs protecting. While you might be considering a move or renting commercial space, you may find the new face of commercial self storage in Kelowna a more advantageous option.

When you need extra space for your business, make sure you know about the Kelowna self storage options you have for access.


Do you need drive-through or drive-up self storage?


Drive-Through Self Storage

That’s right, now there is drive-through for business storage…sort of. At the Space Centre, we’re the only Kelowna storage facility offer drive-through covered access to your self storage. This is a real perk for your team and your items because it means:


  • Mild, even temperatures for your items. Most of the drive-through covered access units are heated to just above 0°C. Because our buildings are large, even the non-heated units see little in the way of temperature fluctuations, which is ideal for storing goods such as soap and wine.


  • Forget-the-forecast unloading for your team. If you have heavy load to unpack or pack up and it’s going to take a while, it’s nice to know you and your staff won’t be doing it in the sweltering sun or a spring rain storm.


Drive-up Self Storage

Of course, traditional drive-up storage units you can access outside have their advantages, too, especially at Space Centre Storage. Our outside access units offer:


  • Superior durability to protect your items. Exterior walls are made of concrete. Interior unit walls are made of steel. Door thresholds are sloped to keep water out.


  • Convenience and security. Some of our outside access units are accessible 24 hours a day, perfect for businesses that don’t fit the nine-to-five schedule. Even though you could be un-loading at night, you’ll always be able to see and be seen thanks to our lighting system throughout our Kelowna storage facility.


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Whether you need to store extra stock, office equipment or client files, contact the Space Centre to learn more about our range of commercial storage solutions. In addition to self storage, we offer MI-BOX® portable storage containers, commercial lease space, loading docks, and forklifts at a convenient location just off Highway 97.

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