Commercial Storage Unit Tips: 5 Must-Haves to Look For

Posted on March 08, 2017

Commercial Storage Unit Tips

This list of must-haves should be the first thing you look for when searching for a safe, secure, and convenient commercial storage unit.

Whether you need to store office supplies and furniture, machinery, raw materials, or stacks of paper files, a commercial storage unit is the perfect solution. However, no two storage facilities are exactly the same. To help you narrow down your options, we've compiled a helpful list of must-haves the commercial storage facility you pick should offer. 


1. 24-Hour Access

Not all businesses operate during standard business hours, and if you're one of them, you should definitely seek out a storage facility that offers round-the-clock access. It's important to be able to access your commercial goods at any hour of the day. Keep an eye out for some of these accompanying options as well: 

  • 24-hour mobile security
  • Security lighting
  • Computer-controlled access
  • Surveillance cameras


2. Different Access Options

Depending on what needs to be stored, you should look for a facility that can meet your wide range of needs. Two options that can make self-storage easier and offer up convenient benefits include: 

  • Drive-Up Access ‚Äì This option typically has outside access that may include concrete exterior walls, steel interior walls, heat detectors, suitable lighting, and a sloped threshold that keeps water out. 
  • Drive-Through Access ‚Äì This option is usually a covered access that allows you to load/unload without having to worry about the weather. These units are typically heated to reduce temperature fluctuations, and are an excellent option for long-term storage that's accessed regularly throughout the season. 

For a closer look at these two storage unit options, take a peek at our previous post: Commercial Self-Storage in Kelowna: Drive-up or drive-through? 


3. Extra Benefits

One thing that shouldn't be overlooked is a facility that offers additional complimentary services. Besides reasonable rental rates, some of the additional no-charge features should include:

  • Access to a moving truck and driver
  • No administration fees
  • Frequent promos and deals


4. Large Item Support

If some of the items you plan on storing involve more than just muscle-strength to move, look for a facility that can accommodate this requirement. Some of the services you may require should include: 

  • At least one loading dock
  • Forklifts and licensed operators
  • Access to pallets and pallet jacks
  • Packing supplies and materials


5. Document Storage Support

One storage item that requires a little extra attention is document and file storage. Unless your business is completely paperless, you may find yourself with a need for document storage. Search for a facility that offers the following: 

  • Same day document retrieval and delivery services
  • Document tracking 
  • Protective shelving 
  • Copy/fax/telephone services


Whether you need a storage unit to store extra stock, client files, or office supplies, contact the team at Space Centre Storage, offering storage units Kelowna business owners consistently rely on. We offer a wide variety of commercial storage support, including MI-BOX® portable storage containers, loading docks, and document storage.

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