The Endless Options for Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers

Posted on March 25, 2015

Candy in Kelowna portable storage

Think of all the candy you could store in the Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers at the Space Centre.


Perhaps one of the greatest things about Kelowna mobile storage containers is you can put just about anything you want in them. And considering the MI-BOX® containers at Space Centre Storage measure 16 x 7 feet, there's lots of room to play with. So whether you're looking for a place to store the world's largest hockey card collection or you need somewhere to stow the Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide your wife doesn't know you bought, MI-BOX® has you safely covered.

For those of you who live life a little on the zany side, here is a list of some of the more unorthodox things you can store inside Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers:



Whether you're preparing for the apocalypse (sugar doesn't go bad, does it?) or you just really like sweets, you can fit a whole lot of candy in a storage container. In terms of penny candy, you would probably end up with more value in the MI-BOX® piggy bank than the balance of your actual bank account. And whether you prefer Smarties, jellybeans, sour candy, gummy bears or those licorice candies that people either seem to love or hate, MI-BOX® doesn't judge or count calories.



You can store an infinite amount of nothing in Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers. Think about it.


Man Cave

If you need a little me-time but can' find any solitude at home because the kids are constantly screeching around the house and your better half has an endless jobs list waiting for you, then sanctuary is only a MI-BOX® container away at the Kelowna Space Centre. You could easily fit a few recliners, a cooler and few of your close buddies for a clandestine gathering with the boys.


Art Exhibit

With their plain, minimalist interiors, Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers make an ideal backdrop to display your prized artwork. Whether you choose to invite the viewing public or hoard your precious collection to yourself, that's entirely up to you.


Volkswagen Beetle

'How many people can you fit in a Volkswagen Beetle?' Recent claims to that age-old question put the answer at 20, which is really quite astonishing seeing a VW bug is less than 14 feet long and about 5.5 feet wide. By that same token, you could easily fit 20 people inside a Beetle and drive it into a mobile storage container. You might need a little help rolling it into the container because there's no way you'd have enough room to work the pedals, let alone turn the key.


For a list of ill-advised storage uses for a storage container, check out this post: 3 Things to Never Use Your MI-BOX® Kelowna Storage Box Rental for.


Tap into your creative side when it comes to choosing the contents for Kelowna mobile storage containers. Whatever your storage needs, the experts at Space Centre can help with a range of solutions, including drive-up or drive-through self storage, boat storage, RV storage, commercial lease space and more.

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