Ensure Your Seasonal Storage Unit Visits Are Smooth

Posted on February 27, 2024

With multiple self-storage options at Space Centre Storage, it's easy to conveniently stash your seasonal items when they’re not in use. Your stylish patio furniture is not needed in December (unless you're reading this from Arizona), so tuck it away after the summer season to protect it. Store your skis, snowboards, and winter clothing when spring arrives to free up that precious extra space at home. With a few visits needed to your storage unit each year to swap out items, here are some tips to keep this seasonal process smooth.

1. Store your items carefully

We know it’s tempting to jam items like blankets or clothes into garbage bags but take the time to invest in plastic, air-tight storage containers or vacuum-sealed bags. These will keep fabrics away from any moisture or pests, ensuring they last as long as you need them to. The modern, climate-controlled storage unit options at Space Centre Storage take much of your air-quality worry away, but do wrap delicate or antique furniture in plastic to protect against damage during the move. Storing your tires? Make sure they are clean and dry.

2. Colour-code your storage boxes

This not only sounds attractive … but is extremely intelligent! When you’re shopping for storage boxes, plan to dedicate different colours to different items. For example, have summer wear in one bin colour and winter wear in another colour. These containers are then not only clearly labelled but can be stacked together by colour, creating a pleasant visual map of where items are. Do you have lots of party items to store? Fancy dress costumes? Make those containers different colours too. Finish off by posting a simple list of those colours inside your storage unit for anyone stopping by who might need a reminder.

3. Organize your storage unit layout

You may also have items in storage that need to stay there for longer than a season. Put those objects in the very back and items that are consistently swapped out towards the front. Keep a small path open through your storage unit so you can easily move around without having to climb over boxes each time you visit. Not sure how much space you actually need? Use this Locker Estimation Guide to decide. The expert team members at Space Centre Storage can also help you decide on the best storage unit size to house all of your items.

4. Use an app - or Excel sheet - to keep track of all your items

Nothing screams “I got this!” like an organizational template, so check out some of our storage app recommendations to track your personal inventory. Not a tech person? It’s OK; use your own written system if it works for you. Just make sure your family members understand it and follow along!

Say farewell to overflowing garages and cluttered closets with a self-storage unit that provides a centralized place for all your important things, then follow our easy tips for making seasonal item switches a piece of cake. Your friendly team at Kelowna’s Space Centre Storage is standing by to help, so reach out for your free residential or commercial quote today!

If we’ve caught your interest, reach out to our storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage in Kelowna. We offer competitive rates on our MI-BOX containers and can get you outfitted with the container of your choice and on your way to a more organized life!

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