Fall Storage: Top 7 Things to Store and Retrieve Before the Snow Falls

Posted on October 15, 2019

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Look for secure boat and RV storage in the fall. 

It’s that time of year again when leaves turn red and gold and snow threatens to fall. It's also time to think about what things to put away for winter and what to bring out of storage. Use our list of the top 7 items to consider:


What to Store:

1. Seasonal Vehicles

Unless you’re a snowbird, your RV, fifth-wheel, trailer, motorcycle, or ATV likely remain unused over the winter months. This is when secure RV storage can be a lifesaver, as often we lack space on our properties to store our seasonal vehicles adequately. To find out how to best prepare your RV for storage, read 8 Steps to a Winter-Ready Rig.


2. Boats

With Okanagan Lake as our playground, many Kelowna residents own a boat. Some residents prefer to remove their motor or sailboat away from the water to store in a secure facility before the freeze. Look for a reliable storage rental that offers stalls large enough to manoeuvre your boat and trailer, and that has top-notch security. For non-motorized watercraft such as canoes or kayaks, look for a covered space that will keep your items dry and secure, such as a Kelowna storage box rental.


3. Yard and Gardening Tools

Often we lack space in our sheds for all the seasonal tools and equipment we use to make our gardens and lawns look their best. If you don’t have space to store items such items as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers, consider a portable storage unit in Kelowna to be delivered to your home.


4. Patio Furniture/Barbecues

Cold and wet weather can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture and appliances. Avoid rust and other damage by storing your patio chairs, tables, barbecues, and outdoor fridges on your property with a portable storage container such as a Kelowna MI-BOX®, or look for an off-site secure storage facility that offers a selection of differently sized storage units in which to place your items.


What to Retrieve: 

1. Winter Tires

Fall and winter driving can be unpredictable, with slippery conditions mixed with low visibility on local highways and bi-ways. Avoid getting caught in a snowstorm by getting your winter tires out of storage as soon as early-October. 


2. Recreational Equipment

Snow and ice are more fun when you can play! Fall is an excellent time to pull out your skis, snowboard, snowmobile, snowshoes, hockey gear, and skates out of their summer slumber and get you excited about winter. 


3. Winter Clothes

Feeling the chill? If you're missing your favourite bulky sweater, now may be the best time to clear out the mothballs and retrieve your parka, boots, snowsuit, and other winter clothing.


For more information about mobile storage solutions, read MI-BOX® Portable Storage: Frequently Asked Questions.


Looking for a space to store your fall or winter items? Contact our Space Centre Storage experts about our RV and boat storage, Kelowna MI-BOX® portable storage containers, personal self-storage units, and full-service moving and storage services.

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