From Chaos to Clarity: A Storage Locker Will Help You Declutter

Posted on January 16, 2024

Find the perfect storage unit size for your needs, big or small

We are all inspired in the new year to embark on the challenge of positive change … and among the most common resolutions is the desire to declutter and organize our living space. It’s a smart idea: we know that a clutter-free environment looks terrific and contributes to our mental well-being and productivity. 

Over time, our homes become gathering places for items we no longer use or don’t currently need. Usher in the humble self-storage unit as your greatest ally in the challenge to tidy up. Space Centre Storage in Kelowna offers climate-controlled storage units in a dozen sizes and can even supply your packaging needs, like tape and boxes, along with a moving truck to bring it all over. The self-storage units offer a secure and flexible solution by providing additional space for your seasonal items, bulky furniture, or collections that hold sentimental value. 

Speaking of sentimental, the team at Space Centre understands that decluttering is a journey. It is physically challenging but also an emotional process as we all have items that we are attached to, even when they no longer serve a useful purpose. Think of that rocking horse the kids played with two decades ago or your very first set of golf clubs. A self-storage unit provides a temporary home for these cherished possessions, allowing for a gradual and less emotional decluttering process.

During your tidy-up, don’t forget you’ll be sorting through untidy piles of belongings while deciding what to keep, donate, or discard. A self-storage unit allows you to create designated piles without feeling overwhelmed by a mess at home. As you work, your crew at Space Centre Storage can provide dollies, carts, and even mechanical lifts to assist you with your moving and storage needs.

As an alternative, Space Centre Storage also offers a MI-BOX portable storage container that takes up the area of one parking space and can be delivered right to your driveway. You load up the container at your convenience, and it can stay with you - or be picked up and taken back to the secure premises. You can visit your MI-BOX at any time to add or remove items.

Make a Space Centre storage unit your best pal when it comes to honouring that New Year promise to take control of your clutter. With more than 380,000 feet of local storage space to work with, the experienced employees are dedicated to helping you feel accomplished, one packing box at a time. Take advantage of a secure and climate-controlled environment to protect your valuables from the nasty effects of our extreme temperatures, and reach out to Space Centre Storage for more information today!

If we’ve caught your interest, reach out to our storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage in Kelowna. We offer competitive rates on our MI-BOX containers and can get you outfitted with the container of your choice and on your way to a more organized life!

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