General Public Storage Units Can Save You Space & Time

Posted on February 22, 2017

General Public Storage Units Can Save You Space & Time

Commercial and public storage units are the perfect space-saving solution, but did you know they can also save you time?

With the summer sun comes more activities, more excitement, and more opportunities to get outside. However, it can also create a sense of urgency to avoid wasting precious daytime minutes on things like chores, packing, and cleaning. This is where your commercial or public storage unit can come in handy. 


Save Time

Imagine putting on your favourite swimsuit, grabbing a clean towel on your way out the door, and driving off to your favourite sandy spot without the hassle of packing up your water toys and your boat. Well your daydream can easily become a reality with the help of a storage rental. 

Simply load up the kids and a few snacks and head over to your local storage facility where your boat awaits, hitch up, and head for the open water. If you need some water toys, you can just drive right up next to your Kelowna self storage unit and load up your boat on your way by.  


Save Space

Storing your seasonal items in a general public storage unit not only frees up extra space in your home or garage, but offers some other great benefits as well. Some of the more notable benefits include: 

  • Theft protection. Storage units are extremely secure since they are monitored around the clock, and they're not open directly to the public. They also require a code to get into the compound and each storage unit is generally enforced with it's own theft-resistant locks.
  • Preservation. By storing your seasonal items in a storage locker, you can tuck them safely away and know that when you go to retrieve them, they'll be in the exact same condition they were in when you left them. Plus they'll be easy to access when it's time to use them.  


Save Sanity

To help you understand the benefits of renting a public storage locker, we've compiled this list that highlights a few of our favourite sanity-saving perks: 

  • Peace of mind. There are not a lot of things that are more important than a good night’s sleep, and keeping your momentarily unneeded possessions in a storage locker can get you there. They'll be guarded, watched, and protected while you cuddle up for a restful night of sleep. 
  • Affordable. Storage lockers come in a variety of different sizes tailored to your needs and are generally competitively priced. This benefit will also help contribute to a solid night of sleep. 
  • Easy Access. If you run on a different schedule than most people and need to access your belongings during off hours, a storage locker can accommodate that need. Most facilities offer 24-hour access as long as you use your code to get through the front gate.


If you're still on the fence about storing your boat in a storage facility, check out our previous post: Boat Storage Kelowna Locals Love vs. Storing at Home


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