Home Staging: Storage Units for You & the Homeowners

Posted on August 16, 2017

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A storage unit can be your secret weapon to successfully staging a home before it's listed on the market

There's nothing more satisfying than walking into a home for sale that's been staged. It's clean, there's little to no clutter, and the furnishings showcase the more desirable features. After all, the goal of home staging is to achieve the highest selling price, and when it looks this good, it's easy to anticipate the offers rolling in.


However, unless the current homeowner has already moved on to their new home, you may be stuck trying to find a hidden space for all their extra possessions. This is when a commercial storage unit may come in super handy.


Store More, See Less

Obviously there are going to be some items that the homeowner will need access to on a daily basis. But for all those additional items, like knick knacks, collectibles, and scruffy furniture, consider renting a storage space while waiting for the home to sell.

That crushed velvet couch with the rustic design? Ship it off to the storage facility. Or that spoon collection that's dominating the feature wall in the dining room? Storage unit. Although the homeowners may love the nostalgic touch these items add to their home, prospective buyers won' have the same connection. They may even find these pieces to be more of an eyesore than anything.

The same thing can be said for personalized items. Replace the family pictures with more generic artwork, remove the loveable children's drawings from the refrigerator, and stash the toothbrushes away in the medicine cabinet. To ensure their personal items are kept in perfect condition, though, take advantage of a safe, secure, and affordable storage rental.


Portable Storage Containers & Your Inventory

If you've got an entire inventory of furniture and decor for staging purposes, it may be best to take advantage of mobile storage containers. Oftentimes, these pre-loaded handy containers can be moved from site to site with the ease of a phone call.

Image this: You show up to the home in need of staging. You start planning out which items you'd like to use. Then, you step right outside the front door where your entire inventory awaits. Easy, right? Once the house has sold and it's time to remove your items, simply load them back into the container and have them transported to the next home in need of your services.


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For all your storage needs, contact the storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage. Our commercial storage units and portable containers are the perfect solution for professional home stagers and interior designers. We offer affordable rates and a variety of different sized units. We can even hook you up with forklifts, loading docks, and pallet jacks.

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