Staging, Storing & Selling: How Kelowna Mobile Storage Help Sell Homes

Posted on February 10, 2015

Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers help sell homes
By clearing your living room of knick-knacks, toys and family photos and storing them in one of your Kelowna mobile storage containers, you can help your home sell sooner.
Living room by Folio Design LLP

If you‚Äôve been thinking about moving from your ‚Äòfirst house‚Äô to your ‚Äòforever house,‚Äô with great interest rates and a strong demand for properties in Kelowna right now, it‚Äôs looking like a good time to put your house on the market. Your neighbours might be thinking the same thing. So, how can you make your house stand out on the block and sell sooner? By staging it with the help of our MI-BOX® Kelowna mobile storage containers.

Staging your home doesn’t have to mean renting expensive furniture and art. It can simply mean giving your home a makeover to highlight its assets and bring it into 2015. When a home is free of clutter and has a few modern touches, it’s apt to be on the market for just a few days rather than a few months.


How portable storage containers can help you stage and sell your home


1. De-cluttering

Christmas lights, camping coolers, half-empty cans of paint—all of these items can be boxed and placed in the storage container to give every room, cupboard, crook and cranny a warm, airy, spacious appearance. You’ll even be amazed at how much storage you actually have!

When home stagers say to get rid of anything you don’t need, they mean it. Knick-knacks, the family photos on your gallery wall, your collection of coffee table photo books, all of it can find a cozy temporary home in storage units Kelowna homeowners trust with their most treasured items. By taking things to the bare essentials, prospective buyers can actually start to imagine their things and their life in the space, and that’s key.

2. Storing shabby furniture

Maybe that burgundy crushed velvet sofa was your grandmother’s and it’s seen better decades, never mind days, but you just can’t part with it. No problem. Just slide it into one of your portable storage containers for safe keeping until the house sells and you move into your new home. By keeping out only furniture in good condition, it will give your whole home a contemporary, well-cared for feeling.

3. Optimizing space in cupboards and spare rooms

Leave no shelf or back room unturned. Home buyers open drawers and cupboards, so clean them out as best you can. Box up two of your three blenders for a few weeks. Change the suitcase room into a spare room or an office. It’s all about creating more livable, likeable space.

4. Creating curb appeal

You definitely wouldn’t want a sun-bleached ping pong table or a rusty ladder getting in the way of an offer. After you clear out the interior of your home, stow any unsightly or bulky outdoor items so you can give potential buyers another reason to fall in love with your home—a spacious, clean, green yard.


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Whether you‚Äôre moving across the lake or across the valley, the MI-BOX® Kelowna storage containers at Space Centre can help you move more conveniently. Space Centre also offers a range of moving products and self storage solutions, with a range of drive-in and drive-thru units as well as boat storage, RV storage and more. "

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