How Space Centre Storage Can Help Your Small Business

Posted on March 26, 2021

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Space Centre Storage’s commercial storage facilities in Kelowna has everything you need to store stock and files, and manage your shipping and receiving.

Many small business owners have had to pivot in these uncertain times, adapting to e-commerce (online) selling platforms or working from their homes to survive. Closing down a physical location, such as a store, presents a bit of a problem. Where do you store all your stock, and how do you handle shipping and receiving if you don’t have the right equipment or space? After all, most small businesses cannot afford to lease their own warehouse. Luckily, Kelowna storage company Space Centre Storage offers commercial storage solutions that work within most small business budgets.


Pick and Choose from these Storage Solutions

There are a few ways Space Centre Storage can help small businesses manage their product, equipment, paperwork, and more. It starts with finding the right kind of storage unit. Here are some options:

  • On-site self-storage: SCS offers variously sized, secure, and accessible self-storage units at its Kelowna storage facility on Alcan Road. Choose from 4X6 ft. storage lockers up to 10X25-ft—units, some of which offer outdoor or drive-through covered access as well as climate control.
  • MI-BOX® storage containers: A portable way to move the storage to you, MI-BOX® containers fit into a standard-sized parking lot and can be loaded and unloaded at your leisure. Best of all, Space Centre Storage handles all container delivery and pickup and offers container storage at its commercial storage facility in Kelowna if you do not want to keep one on your property.
  • Commercial lease space: Space Centre Storage can help your small business with a physical location at its facility off Highway 97 in Kelowna. Leasing a space is ideal when you need to manage daily shipping and deliveries and need an easy-to-access location.
  • File storage: Space Centre Storage offers air-tight storage for offices that require a safe place to file documents such as invoices, records, and more.
  • Mail Boxes: Space Centre’s on-site mailboxes are perfect for small businesses that have closed their physical locations or who prefer receiving business mail away from home. They also help those who plan to move to a new location and need to receive mail in the interim.


Shipping and Receiving Made Easy

Another way Space Centre Storage helps small business is through shipping and receiving. Our warehouse in Kelowna has everything you need to accept deliveries and will even place deliveries in your storage unit if you are unable.

Some of the equipment and convenience we offer include:

  • Loading docks with levellers
  • Forklifts with licensed operators
  • File pickup and retrieval
  • Pallets and pallet jacks
  • Packing materials and supplies
  • Convenient operating hours (including weekends and holidays)

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See how Space Centre Storage can help your small business. Contact us for a free estimate or arrange a free tour of our warehouse and commercial storage units in Kelowna.

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