How Space Centre Storage Meets A Variety of Storage Rental Needs

Posted on September 20, 2018

Meeting storage rental needs

Read our customer testimonials on how Space Centre Storage has met their needs with storage rental options in Kelowna.

From a sports organization finding a convenient way to store equipment to a commercial business needing auxiliary space to store stock, to a residential customer who is in between properties, Space Centre Storage has helped its customers with a variety of self-storage options. But instead of just taking our word for it, let's hear from 3 of our customers on how Space Centre Storage has met their storage rental needs:


Kelowna United FC Scores with Portable Storage Containers

As the club administrator with the Kelowna United FC Soccer Club, Lorrie Leins has a number of duties that help more than 500 young athletes from all over Kelowna get the most of playing competitive soccer. One of those duties is looking after the club's equipment inside its two indoor bubble domes in Rutland and Mission, which are used during the soccer season from late April to late September. Every winter, the domes, which cover artificial turf fields, need to be cleared out and the equipment stored in a safe indoor heated storage space.

That's why Kelowna United FC now rents MI-BOX® portable storage units from Space Centre Storage to store their equipment, lights, and insulation. SCS not only delivers the MI-BOX® containers to Kelowna United FC's soccer facilities to be filled, but it also takes them away to be stored in SCS's climate-controlled indoor and secure storage facility.

Before we had one of the self-storage units at SCS, and now we've been able to avoid travelling to and from the unit to store our equipment, explains Lorrie. We usually can only give two weeks notice once we get our end-of-season dates. We also need to look at the weather and cross our fingers. SCS has always met our last-minute requests and has been there when we needed them. All my dealings with SCS have been great. They are very helpful, prompt and eager to help me with whatever I need. I would absolutely recommend them to other sports organizations. Because their office is open seven days a week, if I have to deal with anything on the weekend, they are there.


Moving Home Made Better with a MI-BOX®

When Ludwig Brinkhaus required storage services in the Okanagan, he conducted research to see what his best storage solutions were. This led him to Space Centre Storage, where he was able to organize RV storage and more recently, with a MI-BOX® portable storage container as he and his family get ready to move to a new property.

We started the process in April, however, as our container is stored indoors at SCS's heated warehouse, it keeps our contents safe if we leave it over winter, says Ludwig. At others times in my life we have used other storage businesses where the attitude has been more about payments being met and not much else. That never comes across at this particular facility. SCS offers affordable storage and doesn't expect anything more like at other storage facilities. I like their personal service. They know you. There is not a large turnover in staff, which reflects positively on the management's style.


Opening a Door to Secure Commercial Storage in Kelowna

As the owner of Dependable Automatic Doors, a sales and service centre for Stanley Automatic Doors in the BC Interior, Dean Kronlund is often dealing with a large inventory of both doors and parts, some of which cannot all be contained within his own shop. That's why he leases one of the larger storage units at SCS's Kelowna commercial storage centre to handle large shipments and to use as a parts depot or when extra inventory space is needed. The customized unit is equipped with shelves and has access to power for light duty work. Able to handle large loads, the unit also features loading docks, a drive-in truck entrance and material handling equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks, which are operated by SCS's knowledgeable staff.

What I have enjoyed about SCS is that they are not a cookie cutter company that gives you plan A or B. They are flexible to your needs. There are times when we receive heavy loads and we may not have the adequate manpower with offloading. They are willing and able to offer help, says Dean.

They will also receive parcels and UPS deliveries for us, which is really a tremendous help as sometimes we get spread out and our staff aren't around to receive shipments. I also appreciate that they are pleasant to work with. It's nice to find a company that cares about your interests.


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From commercial and personal storage lockers, climate controlled warehousing and lease space to mobile and on-site storage containers, read our testimonials and see for yourself why our customers trust Space Storage Centre for all their storage needs.

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