How to Keep Your Storage Unit Flood-Safe

Posted on April 15, 2021

flooded storage units

Don’t trust your items to any old storage unit. Rest easy knowing that all Space Centre Storage units are secure from the elements, including water and flooding.

There’s a reason you’re storing your belongings—they are valuable to you. Unlike a basement or garage, which can be prone to spring flooding, broken water pipes and poor drainage, our Kelowna storage units are designed and built to keep everything dry and secure.

Whether the Okanagan is experiencing heavy rain or snowmelt, there are a few things to keep in mind no matter where you store your possessions. It only takes a little preparation to ensure your items will remain in pristine condition while in a secure storage unit.

Use these tips to ensure your belongings have a safe, secure home.


Make Sure Everything is Dry Before Packing

First, make sure your items are completely dry before packing them. Even a slightly damp cloth can fester and create mildew.  Be overly cautious when packing and make sure all items are dry to the touch before placing them in storage bins.  


Avoid Plastic Bags

Refrain from storing items in plastic bags. It may seem like a good idea to keep dust and debris out, but plastic bags can create condensation that wreaks havoc on electronics and other items prone to rust and corrosion. Think of a greenhouse and how it has its own atmosphere. The same thing can happen with a plastic bag. If possible, use airtight plastic bins instead of plastic bags in your Kelowna storage unit.


Keep Items Off the Floor

Avoid putting items directly on the concrete floor.  Little known fact—concrete can take thousands of years to cure fully, and during that time, the concrete is letting off a little bit of moisture. Cardboard boxes can act like a paper towel, sucking moisture out of the concrete. It’s a good idea to use wood studs, flats, or another barrier (such as an airtight plastic bin) between your items and the concrete floor.


Watch Where You Store Items in the Interim

After you’ve chosen a Kelowna storage company and packed up your belongings, be very careful where you put your items before moving them to a storage facility. As mentioned above, most garages and basements aren’t ideal storage areas. Garages were designed to store automobiles. Basements are primarily intended as an addition to foundations that need to be below the frost line. Neither is an ideal place for long-term storage. If you need to store your items in a garage or basement for the short term, check them often. A leaky pipe or broken sprinkler can quickly turn a cool, dry space into a flood plain.


Look for Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you need to store important papers, records, books, or artwork—consider getting a climate-controlled secure storage unit. These kinds of units are designed to store more delicate, fragile items.

Learn more by reading What is Document Storage and When Should you Use It?


Did you know that Space Centre Storage offers high-level flood protection? That’s because our Kelowna storage units are located away from the flood plain. We also offer climate-controlled units for sensitive materials such as artwork, documents, and antiques. Contact us for more information and a free storage quote.

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