How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Posted on May 27, 2021

organize your storage unit

Keep track of what’s inside your storage unit by making an inventory list.

Have you ever been on vacation and realised your toothbrush is stuck at the very bottom of your bag? Just like how you organize your suitcase for easy access, it’s important to keep your storage unit easy to access as well. To help, our storage centre offers some packing techniques and organizational tips. This way, you have easy access to your belongings in your storage unit.


Make an Inventory List

Before placing your items in self-storage, make an inventory list of all the things that are stored. Highlight which items you’ll need access to the most. Take photos of your items to help you remember what is stored.


Pack by Priority and Label by Description

When packing, consider grouping seasonal or your most used items together. Place your belongings in clear bins so you can easily see what is being stored and label boxes with a clear description of what is within.


Store Your Items According to the Seasons

When it's time to load your storage container or storage locker, think about what items you will need to access more often by considering the seasons. For example, if it's spring, you may want to place your summer tires, garden implements, or lawn furniture near the front of your storage container or locker. The same goes for putting winter items up to the front of your unit when fall arrives.<


Stack, Disassemble and Plot out Pathways in your Storage Container

For a storage container rental or a larger self-storage unit, it helps to clear out pathways so that you can easily reach items in the middle or back of your storage unit. Think about stacking boxes by placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Disassemble large furniture pieces and stack pieces upright to maximize space.


Map Out Your Items

One of the best ways to keep track and find your stored items easily is to create a map of your storage unit. You can do this by taking a photo inside your storage unit or container and build a blueprint. You can use drawing/layout software or a pen and paper to draw where your boxes, appliances, and furniture rests within the space.


For more self-storage options, read 4 Apps to Help you Organize.


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